3D Graphics Cards and Video - NVIDIA, ATI, Matrox, PowerVR, even 3DfX! Graphics chips and the boards that they are built on.
popvoverNew Posts I promised myself to never use AMD graphic card again.19,687
Great job AMD i think just the software with AMD cards is worth
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Crypto Mining, GPU Cards, Yea or Nay?

popvoverNew Posts Is this Crossfire mismatch Possible?21,233
amd 7970 and amd 7870

popvoverNew Posts VR Ready RX 560?01,534

popvoverNew Posts Nvidia Mobile Card running at average 73C82,860
Can anyone tell me why?

popvoverNew Posts ATI Graphics Card Overheating Problem1517,114 
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When gaming my HD6900 graphics card overheats - easily!

popvoverNew Posts R290x PSU issues +1236,407 
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Need help with diagnosis

popvoverNew Posts Nvidia 8600m Nvidias' Worse Mistake Ever!31,640
If you own something that has this card in it you know what I mean.

popvoverNew Posts GTX 660, GTX 660 ti, or Radeon HD 7870428,449 
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mid-level GPU choices

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popvoverNew Posts Upgrading an HD 6950 gfx card83,127
Looking for a new video card.

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