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No one?

Im trying to find out how to password protect a folder in Windows XP while still allowing data to be written to the folder while it is still protected?  Im not sure if this is possible or not, but I REALLY need help.  If you are wondering, it is a game folder that is written to when being played (logs IMs and in game chats).  I want to be able to secure the folder so that no one can get in it, but the game can still write to it.


Thanks for any help!

CoD4 is AMAZING!  I also played the F.E.A.R. PM demo and Im installing the UT3 demo right now! 

Well...I WAS driving a 92 accord until it was totaled  by the insurance company...now Im driving a 93 Toyota Camry with 322,000 miles and still running strong.  ;) 

recoveringknowitall wrote:

...I called it the good book in all seriousness.



Oh I know....I didnt mean to imply otherwise  ;)



  Topic: Barry Bonds

Super Dave wrote:

Barry Bonds' most memorable accomplishment was the tainting of Major League Baseball and it's most hallowed record, IMO.



I could not agree more. 

 Bibleman is for young kids...not older ones...mmmmkay.  Yes it looks 'old-school', but its about learning the 'Good Book' as recoveringknowitall called it.  My son and daughter love Bibleman (ages 5 and 3).  It's a good way for  them to learn right and wrong (sin).

 In fact...here is a little 'eye-candy' for ya!




  Topic: Barry Bonds

I could care less about this "accomplishment"....in fact...I wouldnt even call it that!  Whether or not he gets convicted....you know he used steroids.....look at his earlier cards and look at the ones now....its like  Bruce Banner to Incredible Hulk.

Hank Aaron did it without steroids. 


My props still go to Hank. 

I cant stand Comcrap....eerrr...I mean Comcast either!


I wish I could have Time Warner back. 

Congrats bro!  Glad everything went well...and good to see you back!