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lol I normally use IE. But when i'm at work I mostly use firefox. There are some things that will only work in firefox or IE. For example, Microsoft RemoteAPP only works through IE or Aruba Networks Airwave doesn't display properly in IE, but it does in Firefox.
Hey Guys, i've noticed an issue lately...

I had been blaming Firefox for just being slow... but today I had some slowness in firefox with multiple tabs open, and when I closed the HotHardware tab... everything picked back up.

I re-opened tabs and was able to recreate the slowness over time, and tried closing tabs for other website, but it didn't fix the slowness; only when I close HH does it speed back up.

There appears to be some sort of a memory leak occurring, and I think it is being caused by the ads...

I also accept that it is possible, the problem is just with the computer i'm on. But I am curious if other users have experienced this?

I'll continue monitoring and testing... might even try to get a good packet capture to pin this down...

Originally Posted by: augiearvizo 

Presently in different rooms I am running a Nexus Player and Minix Neo X8-Plus with both using different versions of Android but run XBMC/KODI and Plex. I am curious if the investment in a full fledged computer like an Intel NUC or equivalent would be well worth the money and novices who are unfamiliar with my setup can pickup a remote or keyboard and quickly get to what they are looking for.

I am curious what HTPC setups members of the forum are running and their intended use.

I have used Plex, WDTV-Live, Nexus Player, Minix Neo and other Android Mini-PC devices. In addition I use various Ro[censored] and Smart TV apps built into the Vizio tvs. And of course Windows Media Center. But for the most part it seems like I need to teach everyone which HDMI input is used for what and I am hoping someone can give me some pointers on which platform I should consider that can give me an all-in-one experience for local files and streaming online services.

I am considering an Nvidia Shield TV and getting an HD HomeRun device that can stream the cable feed but am not sure if that would offer a considerable improvement vs the Nexus Player.

Believe it or not, Tivo actually makes a pretty good solution that lets you record 4 shows at once, and stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube, Pandora, and a few others. You can also get Tivo mini's for other rooms that will connect back to the primary unit to stream recorded shows and live TV.

The catch is, that it only works with Cable providers. So it will not work with DirecTV and fiber providers like U-Verse and Google Fiber.

Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

I didn't realize there was a post reply button...

It's little and it's down at the bottom... kind of hard to find :tongue:

Originally Posted by: JJr 

i tend to go intel for cpu and amd for gpu, they pair pretty good. next year would be very exciting. if zen is what it is hyped to be, im going amd and probably pascal. but for now intel and nvidia has the lead in terms of sales and performance.

Thise two have ALWAYS lead sales, they have a strangle hold on the market. They are familiar names and their consistent performance has kept them on top... it will be hard to take their crowns...

  Topic: HD usage???
Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

Get ur sleep, even though we are in the same time zone, and we are up at the same time, you still need sleep, or coffee. I am fully awake :P

Lol I got up at 5:45 this morning... i still haven't even eaten breakfast

Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

Acarzt, honestly, I think MD was slingshotted forward in the GPU world when they mass produced HBM memory on a graphics card first. That was a huge step for them and a gigantic accomplishment. Because of it, they are much more known and the Fury will be a popular card.

Ehhhhh I disagree, for one, they have always had a cult following and most people already know about them, but avoid them because Nvidia makes a better product.

HBM is cool and all... but it doesn't equate to performance that is leaps and bounds better.

  Topic: HD usage???
Lol sorry it's early for my and I suck at spelling and punctuation when I'm tired apparently lol
  Topic: Budget Laptop
Some home owners insurance, and even renters insurance will cover your computers in the case of an accidental drop. There is usually a deductible associated with that though.

If that is not an option for you. You could also just replace the screen on the laptop. If the laptop is still fairly new, it might be worth it to go that route.

If it is just an old laptop and she really needs a new one... This one seems to be decent. But be aware, if she has never worked on a laptop of this size, the keyboard could become frustration to type on. They are typical smaller than you average keyboard.

You can find some deals on dell's website under "deals>outlet" and also check their coupons section.

You can get an Inspiron 15 for about $300 with a coupon!

  Topic: HD usage???
Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

if it is nothing there, may want to contact your HDD manufacturer :P

It definitely could be a HDD issue. Could just be wear and tear making the drive louder than normal. If there is an actual issue it will show up in diagnostics.

I am hoping the Der being the experienced long time HHer he is has already run some diagnostics though :cool: