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I am going to re word this..

I understand that there is a big price difference.  If I am not overclocking, is the E6850 just as fast?

Making sure all this is compatible

INTEL CORE 2 DUO   X6800 Extreme


CORSAIR TWIN2X 2048-6400 KIT (DDR2) 4gb x2 = 4GB 

SATA WD 74 GB (10,000rpm) 16MB


PNY NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500 Professional Video Edition

ENERMAX 535W ALL-IN-ONE SLI 20/24+6+6pi

XP Pro 32bit


1. I understand that Windows will only understand 3.? gigs of ram.  Will this cause crashing or instability?  Would i notice a huge gain going to

CORSAIR TWIN2X 2048-8500C5 KIT (DDR2) memory x 2 = 4GB 

2.  Is that a good HD.  I understand it is 10k RPM will that make a big difference?

3. Maybe a P5W64 WS Professional is a better idea

Any suggestions would be great... Thank you

The guy at best buy said they are overpriced and that HP is the best built. He was a moron I wen twith the Lenovo. Thanks for the help
Im in the market for a notebook. I look at Dell and HP stuff, and it seems that they compete with eachother. When I look at IBM/Lenovo, it seems way more expensive and less features. Why is that?
Are SATA Drives HOT Swapable, I forget. If I buy cages and want to swap out for incrmental backups will they work with NF4 Ultra chipset?
If i was buying 2 raptors and RAID 0 or 2 WD 16M SATA2 and Raid0 those.. What will give more performance
When is the new stacker coming out? Get one of those
There is no oversclock. That is the temp of the metal bar on top of the card. I think I called Saphire they said its not the card.
I just re-installed windows and tried teh game and teh dots are coming up again. I dont know what to do now. Could it be a defect with the card?
Any suggestions.. Ive tried to reinstall the drivers. I used the utility to remove them from ati's site. I also tried teh Omega drivers. I still get those artifacts.