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I just watched the intel keynote and I have to be honest, most of what they showed off looked like a massive gimmick. Are people really asking for dual screen laptops with foldable displays?

It feels like companies are spending all this time on laptops but in the end they end up with the same product we had five years ago.

Am I alone in this? Is there something I’m missing?

Planning a new build around a Ryzen 3950x (finally was able to order one) on a x570 board, so now I need to identify a few choices for a 2070 Super. The GPU will be pushing an Alienware AW3418DW (gsync), and I'll be doing MMO gaming and Photoshop/Lightroom. I do NOT plan on overclocking the GPU, and I'm not terribly concerned about RGB. I will be air-cooling the CPU, so there will be a big air cooler in the case as well.

So.. with those things in mind, what are a few good 2070 Supers to look for deals on? Want a robust reliable cool card.

Hello everyone,

My freind said a few years ago, we'll never need 1tb of ram (vram aswell) I disagree and say we will as textures get bigger and we will want 8 and maybe even 16k and to render an entire scene of a few 100km in one go... But how much qill we need until its pointless and the only reason to upgrade your gpu is because yours died. When will we stop needing more ram in games? When will we stop needing better gpus When will we stop needing more cpu power and compute? What happens once we can render a world just like ours with life like graphics all for 750$ or even on a 500$ console (nzd) For me i think parts qont stop getting better for other things, but for gaming it wont matter. So what do you guys think the limit will be (I think 500hz is the most we"ll ever use aswell)

Thank you!

Ok I finally bought a new PC. But i'm having problems getting it started. I bought a Opty 175, DFI lan part UT nf4 ultra-D, OCz modstream 520w, 2GB twinX xms Corsair memory, 7800gt OC, and a 74gb raptor. The problem is that the cpu fan won't spin very fast and sometimes not at all, only about 688rpm's. It's stock HSF. Do you know if there is incompatiblity problems with any of the stuff I have? Or is it the mobo that's messed up, PSU or the memory? I read that DFI does have incompatibility problems with memory and PSU's. Any help would be great. Just got this stuff last week and can't even enjoy it.