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Whilst every parent wants the best for their kids I think that this takes it too far. You need to have an element of trust in a family and I think this breaks it. Soon it will be CCTV cameras in bedrooms and drug testing kits a the front door;)

I already worry about my kids enough that I have moved for better schools and a nicer way of life for them but that is my choice and should be  better move for every one involved, GPS tracking on kids just reeks of paranoia.

I thought that the main stumbling block with Ion and netbook/ small form factor was Intel itself not wanting to work with the Ion platform and remain with its own chipset? Imagine a netbook factor/ windows 7 and Ion it would be all but perfect for the daily commute!

If it wasnt for us Brits and our love of unfairly high taxes and tea there wouldnt even be a giveaway coming up:)Open it up to your UK bretheren please;)

 AMD, I have a two year old daughter (two last month) and growing at a rate of knots:)




Cats have been moved down the ranking in the domestic power struggle that can only take place between  a toddler and  a fully domesticated feline.


Meister, I take it from the photo that you were in God' s Country (South London!)?

Crisis Causer wrote:

  A lot of the "climate change" is part of the natural cycles of the planet and while we may be accelerating it (how much no one knows), unless you want us to all become Amish there's nary a thing we can realistically do.  And even then, it's naturally still gonna change.



Crisis is right, the economy is cyclical and every 10 years or so the is normally a reballance, be it a drop in house prices or a drop in lending (or in this case both).


I feel reall sorry for first time buyers who have recently got on the ladder. My mate paid around £275,000 (about $550,000) for a small semi in Surrey (only two bedrooms and very small). This was a stretch and he had to put it on the market back in January for domestic reasons. He put it back on at £310,000 which was the advised price but now it wont sell. Infact there is a very good chance he will end up in negative equity in the next few months.


My heart goes oput to people in similar situations.


Unfortunately the UK economy has been built on nothing but cheap credit over the past 10 years. This inturn lead to house prices shooting up with early adopters beeing able to buy a second property on the strength of their equity gains and a viscious circle developing. I have no sympathy for people with tonnes of property (and huge equity losses) in their portfolio as they have been partly responsible for this situation.


I also agree with Crisis that whatever we do for the environment will only benefit at a local level (still a good thing mind) because of the rapid development of India and China as industrial powers. India is selling around 1000 new cars a day and they all rely on the black stuff (no Dev I dont mean Guinness;))


As an economy the UK is probably worse of than the US!

 Congrats AMD. Good to see that there are more fathers in the fold.


As for Dev, hope you have a good one, especially with it being your last year at uni:)

Crisis Causer wrote:

I guess if they are leaching off of welfare and refusing to get a job, it's kind of a fair requirement.  Still seems liked forced labor.  I think it would be unconstitutional here in America, but hey they have no constitution over there in the UK.  So let em.  It sounds reasonable. 



 Problem is that benefits are so good over here that some people will never want to get a job. Augmented further by the fact that some of these are second or even third generation slackers who only have their parents as role models and who's parent's have been slackers for the whole of their lives.

 As for a constitution, this lot normally quote the human rights act so they have more protection than most US citizens.

 It gets better when these are the same people that blame immigrants for 'being over here steeling our jobs'. WTF!!!!!! You need to peel your lazy @rses of the couch, put down the [censored]and special brew and turn off the Jeremy Kyle Show and look for one to actually get one (there are plenty out there they just require some effort (thats EFFORT) to go out and find one).

 Immigrants come here, work their backsides off and their taxes then get used to pay the native UK spongers benefits!!!!!!!!!!!

 None of us want to work, its just that most of us accept we have to do it out of pride for our own families, our own communities and our own self worth.



Great revue guys. Just a quick note however...... Which battery did yours ship with? Was it the 4400mAh or 5200? I was hoping with the price increase that it may ship with the bigger flavour power brick!

Cant really moan about the price though. If users want a £200 eeePC they have the option of the 7 inch version. This is a little luxury for those who want it. At least there is a choice. I will be interested to see the overall footprint of the 1000 version when its released....

This could get addictive:)
I wont do it, I wont do it..... Ahhhh, just couldnt resist installing it..... and it works to! Looking forwards to running this and the new notebook flavour Ubuntu on an atom powered eeePC 901:)