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With a lot of vendors switching to per core licencing, fewer faster cores wih these architectural changes make this a good looking midrange platform.

I know a few of you guys work in an enterprise setting; so what are your thoughts on the changes to SQL licensing? Other than 'ouch'

For the operation I work it we've already moved to datacenter per socket for windows licencing as the re-write inrelation to virtualisation would have killed us. 

On the SQL side previously we had a select agreement and got as many cals as we could stuff in our pockets, so hardware was not an issues I could buy 4 socket 10core boxes and just pay a few hundred for a sql standard licence and claim 6000 cals for free. With the changes I looked at switching to two two node sql clusters and ditching all the other boxes, how ever to get enterprise per socket licenses for 4 4 socket boxes each with 8 or 10 (12 if we went amd) cores per socket would cost me nigh on a million pounds...

At a time when we're not buying physical kit and running a ratio of 40 VMs per 1 physical host, I'm now looking at buying single socket four core Xeon E5 boxes to run SQL workloads purely on licencing. 

This is a very pro intel move as the majority of SQL workload is faster on intel chips core for core ghz for ghz. The only exception being large scale data mining or data warehousing where the 12core amds hurt the 6/8 core with HT xeons.

Before people say go to oracle or mysql etc, I've got over 400 different applications on the books a good number written by one man bands in a field so specific that it is the only bit of software that does this.


EDIT: Oh and I can switch to Azure or any other cloud provider for data protection and regulatory reasons.

Define still active ;-)

It takes me a few months to remember my userid and password. Plus the powers that be some times go on a 'no internet' binge and we all have to go cold turkey.

I see the place is still ticking by.

So here I site, different desk, different building, slightly different job with a pallet of 10 fresh 1U & 2U boxes all stuffed with dual Xeon E5-2680's 128GB DDR3 & twin SSDs, 5 of which have dual Tesla's in them. Can I get some folding done as a burn in? Can I F...

I've not been folidng much for a few years since we upgraded our ISA servers to TMG servers, in this time the developers have still not got round to implementing anything bar basic proxy authentication....  I know they have science and stuff to do but really.

It's a bit disappointing to tell the truth, the 16core work units on the right box can bring you several hundred thousand points per day on the fastest kit. Oh well, I've fired up the trusty PS3 again to let that crunch a few numbers.

Every little helps lol.

I like the looks of these from a VM point of view. The current batch of Xeon 5500 chips beat my VM enviroments E7450's all ends up.

Would love to get in a couple of 4 socket boxes with these in to test.

thread necro ftw.


Nice work transam02, I see you are now up to 7.5mil points.


Wish I could fold again, but until they sort the proxy authentication issue out on the SMP version I'm doing nowt.

Which is a shame as I have an 5 Dell 11gen quad socket nehalem boxes on order.

Gratz to you guys on the booty.

Nice to see the team so active again.

Doesn't look like I'll be able to stop Warlord et al kicking me off top spot. At the moment I can only get the following folding:

2x Dual Xeon X5450 (3Ghz 1333FSB 12MB L2 cache) 8GB FB DDR2 667 running W2K8 Enterprise 64bit
1x Dual Xeon P4 3.06Ghz 533FSB 4GB DDR W2K8 standard
1x P4D 3Ghz 800FSB 4MB L2 cache 2GB DDR2 667
Oh and PS3 when I remember to leave it switched on.

Hi matey, only just seen this thread so sorry for the slow reply.

I have several vm esx servers running atm. The are on a mix of dual xeon 5160's (3Ghz dual cores) and dual xeon x5355's (2.66Ghz quad cores). Both have 16GB of FB DDR2-667.  Now let me be honest. When you are connected into one of the virtual machines, you really can't tell the difference between the two host platforms. So actual clock speed is not of GREAT importance.

The advantage of getting a Xeon solution is you could get a dual skt mobo put only populate one currently. If it is a newer Xeon, it will be running on the intel 5000 serries chipset and will take FB-DDR2 dimms. It will not run on normall DDR2 and FB-DDR2 is more expensive than plain DDR2. Having said that I saw a pair of 2x2GB FB-DDR2-667 sticks going for just over £100 on ebay. Also the Intel 5000 chipset will take a damn sight more ram than the desktop lines. My server mobo's have 8 sockets and can take 4gb dimms.

So I would say, if you can get it ok'd, get a dual xeon setup with min 8gb ram.

Also  some version of vmware esx do not allow you to assign multiple cpu's to a virtual machine without buying an addin modual and licence for ESX.

 Hope this helps.

The only time I mess around with PAE is when people order servers with 4, 8, 12 etc GB of ram, but then think they can save $20 by only getting the standard version on 2003 server.

Most of the windows 32bit OS's will see 4GB of ram as something odd like 3840MB or 3.5GB. So by enabling PAE they should see all 4GB.

A good cause. I'll post up a donation when I get home to my beloved credit cards.

Can I also semi Hi-jack the thread and say that my wife is running the London Marathon next year in aid of SCOPE which is a UK based Charity centered around Cerebral Palsy support and enablement. She has chosen this charity because our daughter has one of the conditions classed as Cerebral Palsy, she is not severly affected, but we feel it is a worth while cause.

If any of you would like to consider sponsoring her any ammount, please have a look at her site. No pressure at all, I'm just putting this on the forums I read to cast the net as wide as possible.