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Originally Posted by: sarah6 

I am really confused. Can 7Zip do RAR files? Any help will be appreciated.

Do you want to use 7Zip to open a RAR file or do you want to compress files with 7Zip to make a RAR file? 7Zip can open RAR files, just right click on the RAR file to extract. I tried to create a RAR file with 7Zip but did not see the option, but you can compress files with 7Zip in another format if you need to.

Without knowing much about Macs, I would say increasing RAM and move to using an SSD if you do not already. Knowing and managing what is installed on it makes a difference as well. There are guides online for that.
I will wait until my financial reality can allow me to spend the money on the software, hardware, and time to enjoy it. Plus, I am more of a second generation type of user.
Have you looked into the tax implications of mining as well? I am sure taxes would have to be paid on the income. There might even be some benefits as well, like being able to take a deduction for the mining equipment like the cost of the rig itself. I say that as far as in the US. I would imagine that there are relevant tax codes in most countries as well.
I do not consider it free money. The chance for a profit, yes. The tech barrier is certainly an issue, and so is the complete understanding of mining and all of the mechanics about mining overall. From my limited understanding of mining and from what I have read, mining is still sort of the "Wild West." I must say that I do not fully understand investing either, but that does not mean I am against investing. If people feel like the understand mining and think they can make a profit, I fully support that. I wonder what the tax implications are with mining as well.
I do not mine, nor do I want to invest in it from my limited understanding of it. Deals can always be found if you look and are willing to wait long enough, so I am not concerned with the rising prices. I do not fault those who mine for buying video cards, nor does it bother me when they sell them. I just do not like businesses who raise the prices due to demand, purchasers who view the cards as a "market", and consumers who resell the cards not being totally honest with the condition of the cards.
I use 7-Zip and it can open RAR files, but not sure if it can create them. The 7-Zip website can give you more exact information about what files it can open and how it compresses as well.
My favorite thing is also my worst thing... access to everything.
I would say a lower end Tracfone for a first phone.
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I know Amazon has a policy like that, but I thought that was an Amazon policy, not a product maker or reviewer one. I would think that the "big time" reviewers have the resources to buy their own products to review, so they could avoid the whole disclosure situation.