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It really just all depends on what you want to do with it. If you think you are going to need the room then the 2tb hard drive would be better. If you don't think you would be taking up all that much room then the ssd will give you that zippy performance that you'll more than likely want from your computer.
compared to that laptop you are going to be amazed by the speed of everything. I'm sure it will feel like night and day once you get everything up and running

I don't know how much traction you would get from that but, you could try creating a signature in your profile and try including a link to it there. I see you are pretty active on Twitter do you promote the Etsy store there?

I have to agree with this answer. Promote! Promote! Promote! It's what you have to do.

I think everything really depends on what you are looking to do with the machine. Firstly I would look around and see how hot everything gets from other people's perspective, then based on what you want to do with it decide on an aftermarket cooler, I think they always run better anyways or go with liquid cooling, that is the pants these days. As far as the SSD is concerned, again it all depends on what you want to do with your machine, make sure to get something that you feel will really fit the build. Not sure on the case though, I think most cases today have their strong points and weak points. You didn't say what kind of motherboard, which particular one, but I am guessing ATX so I would say look at the ATX cases to find one suitable for your needs, you want to make sure it gets good cooling as well. Check around and see what people say. Hope that helps a little, if at all. Also your build looks like a beast. :grin:
I check in every once in a while. It just felt way to difficult to pump some life into the forums.

Windows 7 is the best and easiest to use windows for me. Do you think it's still ok to use windows 7?

I think windows 7 is perfectly fine to use for now. Microsoft wants to make it difficult to stay on the OS though with not continuing updates. I loved windows 7 the first time I tried it out though. The difference from windowsxp was leaps and bounds of how much smoother the OS was along with aero desktop. I really like windows 10 at this point though. I just feel like it is much more intuitive OS compared to everything else I've tried including Linux. Again, I would say it's fine for now.

I would rather have the ability to be set up for live concerts on steams and stuff really. That sounds like that could be fun.
If you think mining is bad, there are sites hijacking your cpu through code to make money for them including The Pirate Bay and Showtime has even been out in the wild doing this with their streaming services. This terrible stuff and should be illegal.
That could be a really fun idea, but would have to wait and see exactly what mixed reality in a Halo world would actually look like to get a better idea first.

I do not mine, nor do I want to invest in it from my limited understanding of it. Deals can always be found if you look and are willing to wait long enough, so I am not concerned with the rising prices. I do not fault those who mine for buying video cards, nor does it bother me when they sell them. I just do not like businesses who raise the prices due to demand, purchasers who view the cards as a "market", and consumers who resell the cards not being totally honest with the condition of the cards.

All of this. It does scare me trying to look into a used card though. If you get one that has been previously used for mining, it's probably already basically toast and people are trying to recoup from that. No way.