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I have a $20.00 Flip Phone.
In some cases, the hardware for cheaper SATA/IDE HDD USB Adapter+cases

seemed to be the issue. The last one I bought was a generic $25.00 kit, several years back; I was using Ubuntu/Debian/FreeBSD/Windows 7. Windows was the only OS that detected the 32-bit formated 40 Gig notebook HDD.

Thanks for the link, toby5. This confirms that I have lots of time to work on a VR rig. I've used MAME/ROMs for decades. I think the VR-heads that survive will be the ones with the smoothest camera work. Nothing worse than being jerked around by jerky cameras and. Some of the best Quake-casts are the icemen: the ones that keep it smooth and move like they are on ice.
More like coming back again. I haven't gamed since the early days of

Doom. Quake Arena is were I left off.

VR is starting to catch my interest. I just read that the AMD RX 480 is a good beginner on-a-budget VR-capable cards, as of 6 months ago, and thought to swing by HH's forum. I Also read today that HTC is dropping the price on their Vive by $200. Amazon has the HTC Vive System at $599.

Anyway, I'm glad AMD is in the VR mix too, but I won't be investing in VR gear anytime soon. I don't think I'll be interested enough until I start seeing original open source VR alternative apps/games. Reddit/Vive, reports Github is hosting SteamVR-for-Linux and there are also reports that Steam beta and SteamVR beta are up and running on Linux Mint, as of 4 months ago.

Interesting, I took a look at eBay after I read that article and, like back in 2000 --- I built two Foxconn/Windows/for students boxes --- there are plenty of Foxconn boards.
I was reading earlier that Foxconn Electronics saw 7%+ growth in July. But on the hardware sites all I see are MSI, Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte, Biostar Supermicro.
That Samsung portable SSD ( is nice. And pricey, for an SSD without Linux anywhere near it. I would settle for a solid Linux-compatible USB notebook hard drive (SATA/IDE) adapter for under $50.00.
Toby5, here's an AI speed-bump: "If you upload your mind to a computer, are you immortal or just a bot?" (via Quartz)

Speed-bump: How do you — if you could — upload your mind without becoming a slave/prisoner of the multinational/nation owner of the hardware/server/network? You would probably need to be in the top 1% of hackers: hack and back-door the facility doing your upload so its your own private Penn Station. Have multiple server/networks to house your upload, and have hacks/income to maintain safe houses. How many loophole slaves will there be when all is said and done? Crowd-sourcing seems a good use of them.

Speed-bump: Currently no nation offers AI rights/citizenship or recognizes an upload/transition as not dying.

Speed-bump: Class: An AI is an immigrant until constitutions are amended.

Speed-bump: You essentially have the rebirth of Pro-life vs Pro-choice — Holy hackers waging war on mainframe Babylons?

Microsoft And PayPal Join Forces To Bring Send Money Service To Skype Mobile 

I dont Skype — wasn't there a Skype/NSA snafu and another mess: user's

accounts being logged into shortly after they logged out a few years ago, around the time Microsoft bought Skype?