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Sites that attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust.


Feel free to delete this post but I got it again. Browser was just sitting on home page when it occured. Router uses McCafee its an Asus rounter.

Sorry fot the typos I have torn muscles in arm and will be going for surgery.

Hi Dave,

I assume this link is it but I can go back to using my Facebook account too. 

Seems like all the posts I made in the last 7 days except 1 is gone.

I made the Animal House reference on the PCIE drive that looked like a paddle maybe that over did it?



Hey Guys,

Been noticing a lot of my postings have been disappearing. A few a day and one went into moderation now gone. Not sure why? Just don't know why they appear for a little while then are gone a day later. Other posts seem to be sticking around.

Something happening with my account or some sort of time warp?


Intellivision Entertainment announced that it's unveiling a new console on Oct. 1. The Intellivision system, which was released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics, played 16-bit games -- although graphically speaking, they were more in league with the Atari 2600 as opposed to the Sega Genesis or SNES -- and was the first to run a video game with voice/speech (Intellivision's Major League Baseball in 1979).

  Topic: Youtube Down?
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Wow this is a first. I thought YouTube was getting blocked through Bing every video I clicked on displayed static and an error occurred then I went straight to YouTube and everything is doing the same.

Interesting is showed me as guest and got an error.

Forum Error

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Note If you are the administrator, and need help with this problem, then Turn off CustomErrors in your web.config.

Seems like this came out of nowhere.

Microsoft has designed a more powerful kind of microprocessor that the company says it will make available to chip manufacturers for free.

Microsoft has developed Azure Sphere OS, the Linux-based operating system that will run on those chips — Smith says that while Microsoft is a "Windows company," a full-fledged version of its flagship OS was too big and unwieldy for what it had in mind.


Who says Microsoft doesn't contribute to the hobbyist community. This is really slick for drag and drop style programming of Micro Controllers. 

Also on October 17, Halo fans will be able to get their first glimpse of what mixed reality and Halo can feel like. 

Escape to the world of your dreams. With Windows Mixed Reality, place digital content in your virtual home and set up your own virtual surfaces as you wish.

Portable Autonomous CNC Machine with no size restrictions like traditional CNC machines.

Goliath allows creators to bring ideas to life with any materials and in various design formats.

Custom designed and developed sensor system for a portable moving robot making it possible to communicate 100 times per second with Goliath CNC to maintain an accuracy of 0.1mm

I'm into this as I built my own CNC and recently expanded it because well a robot is better at cutting things than I am.