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Topic: Fixing a computer for a friend and now it won't start.   Go to last post
Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2016 2:57:27 AM(UTC)
Update: So I swapped the 2 sticks of ram and it got to the start screen, but the case light still continued to blink. So by process of elimination it turns out the disk drive was the cause of the blinking light, but now I have a different problem it won't boot after the start screen. I made a video to show what is going on with it and showing every little problem I've notice it have.

To answer your questions fortunz, form what I understand the computer would overheat and shut down then when it started back up it would have an error message saying it overheated. Now that is my understanding of it I have not experienced it myself since I've never got the thing to start. I boot the os from her hard drive when I plugged it into my computer, and the mobo does't have a speaker to let me know if something is wrong. Ether it didn't come with one or the guy who built it didn't put it in.

Topic: Fixing a computer for a friend and now it won't start.   Go to last post
Posted: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 6:27:40 PM(UTC)
So a friend of mine from work told me that a computer her friend had gave her was having over heating problems. I figured the idiot who built it didn't have enough fans or he was trying to over clock it to high. So when I got home I tried to start it up and the start up screen said it wasn't reading the hard drive, and I thought o great the hard drive is dead (Would like to note it is a 8-10 year old computer, and with me experience computers parts like to die around that age). So I popped the side panel off and it was very obvious to me why it was over heating. The previous owner smoked righted beside his (at the time it was build) $2000 computer for at lest 7 years. There was ashes and that residue that smoke leaves behind all over it, but to start I took the hard drive out to test it in my computer, and it started up with no issues, so I just said I'll try to clean the whole computer and try it again. Now after spending a week taking apart, cleaning, and reassembling this computer it won't even load the start up screen. the fans turn on including the 2 graphics cards fans, and the case light rapidly blinks. I have no idea what to do so I'm going to try posting this on a few different forums till I get an answer

Computer specs:

2 Graphics cards (no clue what kind the stickers have flaked off)

2 Sticks of what I assume to be 2GB ddr2 ram

750w PSU

AMD Phenom CPU

Asus M3A32 MVP Mother Board

a sound card (Again no clue on what kind)

350GB hhd

If you need any other information feel free to ask. Also sorry for the long back story just felt it was to give any and all information.

Topic: Looking for used PC parts in the Pittsburgh, PA area   Go to last post
Posted: Monday, April 18, 2016 3:49:01 PM(UTC)
I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area, and I'm looking for some used pc parts (that still work of curse) to build 4 computer. The reason I'm building 4 computer is because I need a new computer, and 3 of my family members need new computers. Every time I go home to visit my family I am always asked to fix something on there computers. 95% of the time they tell me there computers are running slow, and I do my best to get them working a bit faster, but I can only do so much. All of there computers are 9+ years old and they just don't want to buy new computers, so I am taking it upon myself to get them something more up to date.

I have no real Ideas on what I want for each build my plan is to see what is offered, and to go from there. Thank you

Also if you know of anywhere in the Pittsburgh area that I can get used/cheap PC parts let my know.