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about a year ago i built my first pc. my build was an amd fx6300, my mobo is an m5a97ler2.0, with 8 gigs of gskill ddr3 ram, and a powercolor r7 370.

The motherboard is ok at most things like basic overclocking(nothing to high) and single graphics card solutions. The 970 nb chipset is very limiting with the four plus 1 powerphase and having only one pcie2.0 x16 slot running at full speed and the other running at x4 kinda makes any crossfire attempt slightly weaker than it should be. the reason i know this is that i am running a crossfire config on my system right now.

moral of the story buy the best mobo you can afford so that you can get the best performance out of everything. This motherboard is what is holding me back. if you want to know whats overclocked on this mobo let me know down below.

looks nice
it hasnt died yet so i have a good feeling it may be a glitch in the smart data readout
amd may change ownership to another company but nvidia and intel wouldnt be able to take over amd as that would cause a monopoly. i hope amd never has to do that
jacob are you asking a question? i am a little confused about your comment because it doesnt make much sense with this thread other than it talking about harddrives
it may be wise to get a vr ready card if you need one now
hardware monitors are good but there may be a hotspot that reaches the danger zone. since you keep reflowing it i am suprised it still works.

the card keeps crapping out because it likely reached max temp for to long once and the bond weakens each time you fix it. that is just my thought on it

best advice get a new card and mod in better cooling. the less work you do on the pcs hardware the better off you might be. mod ideas putting in high airflow fans if possible or adding a non stock heatsink(may require computer case mod). in any case these may not all be easy.

  Topic: Xbone Or PS4?
if you must choose one find out wwhat your friends have and choose that. both consoles offer great value. also look at the exclusives for each if you find one has more that you like go for that
if its on the screen glass that will be fine if it is the actual digitizer which is behind the glass i would recommend against that heavily, as the digitizer is very sensitive. if there is exposed wires around the lcd screen avoid touching them to much. ultimately i would recommend extreme caution no matter what. i also must recommend being grounded out while touching it as well

good luck

have you tried a minimal setup. use the least amount objects installed on the pc. if the cmos battery is giving issues your motherboard may be the issue but running with that shouldnt be your first idea. anothe thought if you removed the cpu heatsink have you replaced the thermal compound and if conductive compound was used ensuring that none of the paste has come in contact with the board. if the heasink was removed the reinstallation of the heatsink was proper. sometimes having another set of eyes lookover your work may yeild clues as to how things may be going wrong. your issue is most likely hardware. troubleshoot steps are below.

i anticipate that when you cleaned everything you removed mobo from its position. if that is the case make sure your not grounding out the mobo at any point. im certain ypu did that already.

remove as many components as you can like graphics cards. networking cards, all drives except you target harddrive and media. it is preferred to use onboard graphics. if the problem persists consider removing the harddrive and use a bootable linux dvd or usb. at this point we have ignored the cmos clock and battery issue in hopes that the problem has fixed itself.

seeing as you have access to the bios try to reflash it to ensure it is the most updated and not corrupted.

good luck buddy i hope i didnt post what you have already done.