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The mod hit full funding this morning :grin:
I got the 8GB version for $200, in part because the markup to 16gb was absurd, and even 16GB didn't seem like it'd be enough anyway. It felt like an incredible deal at the time. I'd never seen anything quite like it. I was mostly shopping for AMOLED devices, but when Google cleared their N4s in anticipation of the N5, I abandoned that dream for a few years. Living on 8GB of storage sucked, but you're right it was a great phone.
I used my Touch Pro2's keyboard for a couple of things other than typing. With the tilt, it made a fanstastic media stand, though if you remember, back in those days video on mobile was less smooth than today. The TP2 had some support for hardware decoding, but it was hard to access. If I used any app other than the awful bundled winmo media player, it was horrendous. Now the support is fantastic, and video is one of the most efficient things processors do. You use more battery reading a book than watching a movie these days.

I also used the keyboard to read. I held it in portrait with the keyboard out and tilted, like a book. I had my thumb over the arrow keys, and used them to turn pages. Most comfortable ereading experience I ever had.

And of course, it was the best mobile keyboard ever made. It was a joy to type on. The only good thing about on screen keyboards is using them caused prioritizing of text prediction. Swiftkey is particularly good at that. Of course, you can use text prediction with a physical keyboard too.

I hadn't really seen that idol pro 4s before. Indeed, I haven't seen many non-lumia Windows phones recently.

Originally Posted by: ottoyu34 

I actually was trying very hard to get a Nexus 6 when it first came out, even tho the price is on the pricer end for a nexus lineup. I managed to get an order via Google play but end up cancelling it. I believe I went with the OnePlus One if my memory serves me right.

I snagged the Nexus 6 a year after its release during Amazon's fire sale. $260 for 64GB. One of the better deals I ever snagged. When the Nexus 4 had its fire sale a year after launch, the 16GB version was $250. So even though the N6 retailed a lot higher at launch, it finished its run with quite a bargain. 


Reminds me of my favorite smartphone ever, the HTC Touch Pro2. Thanks to a hack from xda devs I managed to dual boot Android on it through Gingerbread, but after that, there were no tilting sliders for Android. HTC abandoned keyboards. Samsung mostly made crappy ones Motorola itself made droids/milestones, but they never tilted. There bulky bluetooth cases, mostly for iPhones or Galaxies, but the quality was horrific.

This is being made by an old school Nokia user who really wanted a quality tilting slider again. Vive le QWERTY!

I moved from my Nexus 6 to a Moto Z Play. Amazing battery life, more than double anything I've ever had before. Cool thing about my Nexus 6 was that I managed to sell it a year after buying for more than I paid. Ended up making a net profit between selling it and buying the Z Play.
Dave_HH wrote:

Hi All! First, Happy 2017 to you all! We wish you the best in the new year. Second, we just wanted to offer an update here that we will be selecting and announcing winners for this giveaway when we return from the CES 2017 show, the week of 1/9/17. Stay tuned and thanks! :D

FWIW, looks like it'll be next week. Taken from the blog post comments.

Both prizes are pretty dreamy, but sometimes dreams come true! Keep on believing.
I'm actually playing pacman right now. Retro games are on a pretty big upswing in popularity. A lot of new indie games are even made in the style of older retro games, in part because it's cheaper to make them that way, but also because players appreciate the memories. The success of the NES Classic is a testament to this trend.
Life is, as 2017 will be, what we make of it. 🙂 Jinxes are just excuses.