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Thanks guys. I havent tried an XBMC Linux distribution but I could give it a chance. A friend of mine was telling me about the Fire Stick but he was using a modded one that ran something different than Amazon ecosystem.

When making an HTPC do people make it with DVR capabilities and with ATSC tuner or the signal is copy protected and doesn't allow it?

Presently in different rooms I am running a Nexus Player and Minix Neo X8-Plus with both using different versions of Android but run XBMC/KODI and Plex. I am curious if the investment in a full fledged computer like an Intel NUC or equivalent would be well worth the money and novices who are unfamiliar with my setup can pickup a remote or keyboard and quickly get to what they are looking for.

I am curious what HTPC setups members of the forum are running and their intended use.

I have used Plex, WDTV-Live, Nexus Player, Minix Neo and other Android Mini-PC devices. In addition I use various Ro[censored] and Smart TV apps built into the Vizio tvs. And of course Windows Media Center. But for the most part it seems like I need to teach everyone which HDMI input is used for what and I am hoping someone can give me some pointers on which platform I should consider that can give me an all-in-one experience for local files and streaming online services.

I am considering an Nvidia Shield TV and getting an HD HomeRun device that can stream the cable feed but am not sure if that would offer a considerable improvement vs the Nexus Player.

I guess it depends what you want to do with the computer. I'm not sure what the cost-to-performance difference is when comparing AMD to Intel. And this time of year if you can get a super deal on computer components or built computers in general then you can be motivated to get one over the other.
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I'm also glad to have found Hothardware and give kudos to the people that make it happen and keep a steady flow of news and computer hardware reviews.
For computers and gadgets Cyber Monday has better deals than Black Friday? And is it better to buy the components individually or find a super deal on an OEM System and just upgrade the components that are important to you.

Any suggestions or feedback?

Thanks for the response. I haven't decided if I should build it or if buying a machine that includes components that would meet my needs would be a better value overall.

I would like to get into YouTube Vlogging and reviewing but need a more powerful machine. But if I don't get that into it I guess I would still have a machine that I could do some gaming and regular computing.

I like the Western Digital brand and the consumer line of external hard drives they offer and hope aquiring SanDisk brings faster NAS drives from WD at affordable prices and good reliability.

I was wondering if I build a machine with the main activity video editing/encoding, photo editing with some gaming but not the primary function of the build which video cards and software are optimized for editing?

I'm also curious which route as a consensus is better to spend the money on, newer CPU but lower tier GPU-just curious if the latest generation of processors have instruction sets that major video editing software take advantage of that an older processor would not have. Or going the route of getting video card with as many CUDA cores that I can afford and that will reduce encoding/processing time for those kinds of applications.


OneDrive - Getting my 500GB OneDrive storage with Office 365

Google Maps - Best Maps and Navigation out there

Google Keep - Manage my tasks and to do list, grocercy list using this

Google Hangouts - Chat

Chrome Browser - no other browser installed but found Chrome to be pretty cool and fast

Google Opinion Rewards - Use this to earn Google Play credit for Movies, Apps, etc.

Hangouts Dialer - Use this for free calling over wifi

ES File Explorer - best file browser and use it for FTP Server sharing stuff over network

Dashlane - Password Manager-utilizing unmemorizable password lengths and characters

Gmail & Inbox by Google - Email apps

Outlook - Manage my Live account

Amazon Shopping - great shopping experience

Amazon Music

VLC - Media player that plays everything I throw at it.


If Western Digital buys San Disk what does that mean for each brand? Is this move good for consumers or means nothing to consumers and is just a business move.

I wonder which brand has a better reputation.