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Maybe a slightly longer neck. I can see the megaman style of it for sure, but I think the only part that seems disproportionate is the upper body somewhere. I think making the neck a little longer can give some illusion for it to come off as a very believable character. I don't mean it with any discord, I like it a lot, but a little change there might make him more appealing.
Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

This is good. If COD goes 100% PS Support only I would support it all the way. I am an Xbox fan, and COD is a stupid game. I am a Battlefield fanboy, so the more room and less competition they have, the happier I am. There are several reasons I don't like COD.

1. Aracade Style Graphics/Graphics Look Like THey Were From 2008.

~It Just Looks Silly To Me

2. Unrealistic And Too Fast Paced.

~I Enjoy a Slow And Easy Going Game That Takes Time To Play and Master, COD Is Run and Gun 24/7.

3. Battlefield has vehicles, COD doesn't

~Nuff' Said

4. Finally, it doesn't work well with the XBox.

Those are my reasons. Feel free to provide a rebuttal and things. It is just my opinion and I will probably stand by it. I do have to admit I liked COD's and Battlefield's campaigns. There is that.

I'm not really concerned with the facts that Call of Duty is a widely hated FPS. I came from playing Quake 3 Arena, Tribes, UT (pink edition disk! :D), and a few other misc. games. So "arena style" games are my thing. Once my computer died I tried reviving my passion for an FPS by joining the ranks of CoD because of it's fast pace gameplay. I will say that BF doesn't feel like it rewards accuracy as CoD does. When I was on BF4 with a few friends for a while I didn't really feel I needed to keep my head on a swivel as I did in CoD. I was more into lone wolf tactics in a team based arena.

1. Arcade style is MY style, so it works for me and I have very little concern with how the game looks more so how it plays. The latest rendition of CoD looks absolutely beautiful, despite it's drawbacks in playability it looks visually stunning.

2. If you enjoy UT, Tribes, or Quake then there is no reason it's fast gameplay should bother you, but it's all personal preference honestly, no harm in that.

3. CoD has vehicles in older versions, but they are nothing like BF vehicles, again personal preference, but I absolutely dread vehicles in an FPS, not fun in any way shape or form for me.

4. I'm not sure what you're number 4 means, can you elaborate?

Originally Posted by: Blackhawk8100 

It ended tho :P

Yes, I know. It doesn't denote the fact that I cannot go to that site and watch anything via my phone.

It won't launch the flash player on my phone anyway, no compatibility lol >_<.
Dang missed it getting ready for work! blarg
Vent is just a widely used means of communication for gaming. Just like Teamspeak and such, but it's not like you "have" to game to be in Ventrilo. It can gave multiple rooms in a single server for just chatting away. I use it when I am away from my xbox and just want to hang out virtually with a few friends of mine. I use a Ventriloid app (Ventrilo on the phone for Androids) and it just passes time. You can post txt links and such through it. Just thought it would be fun to chat with people about anything tech.
With the boasted sales of Playstation well above Xbox Treyarch may be the first company to do a switch with promotions, DLC release dates, and gameplay reveals. The PS4 is almost a no brainer when it comes to being a powerhouse vs the XB1. As an Xbox only (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) I find it a little disheartening to see a change in roles with the series, Call of Duty. However, it is an obvious move needed to be made because so many more streams, media, and sales are coming from PS4. This basically means that instead of DLC coming a month early for Xbox owners as it always has, it will be Playstation owners with the exclusive rights.

I am not sure how any of this would relate to PC releases, but I imagine that PC owners will also be waiting a month after PS gets there's, (hence Microsoft). It isn't "official" yet, but there are tons of hints and clues towards Sony snagging up the exclusives this time around. One example being if you make your way to Call if Duty's official website all info and images are that of PS4. Which in the past it has always said Xbox. There are actually several other clues pointing to PS getting the upper hand, but it's a little too much for me to really get into.

Hey Munoz, how's your work going with anything graphical? Loved seeing your work, you do a great job with everything you have. Peace!
I kinda wish HH had it's own Ventrilo server. hmmmm
You'd be surprised to see what the world's militaries are capable of. "The fact that the U.S. Defense Technology Plan confirms that development of advanced EMP weapons continues to this day, and not just by the Americans." Non-nuclear / air raid EMPs have been in development since the early 1990's. With the advancement of this robot, why wouldn't it be possible to have even more advanced weapons.