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Hey guys, found some awesome giveaways on Twitter. Feel free to check them out.

X99 gaming PC!!!:


Chair, Ram, Peripherals:

Case, Mouse, GPU:

Another gaming PC:

Have fun!

Manduh, you are definitely considered a gamer. I think to be considered a gamer you have to at least own your own personal console, or gaming PC and a library of games that have all been played. I don't think a teenage girl, or boy for that matter, who takes breaks from social media like facebook, twitter, or instagram to play Candy Crush or Flappy bird for 5 minutes on their smart phone should be called a "gamer". It's awesome to see girls, and women being gamers, and I wish more were. There is no way that there any where near as many woman who own their own Xbox, PS4 or PC as there are men. We can always hope as video games become more popular we will see more girl gamers though. Honestly I'm tired of 5-12 year old kids screaming into their mics. xD

It's always good to see competition. It leads to both companies trying to outperform the other, which benefits all consumers. That's incredible, an increase of 20 fps is great.

First of all, that was hilarious. :P

I personally use adblock, but I constantly use this site so I use an alternate web browser just on this site without adblock. It's really not that hard. It's sad, but adblock is just to convenient to ignore, with it being free and taking 2 minutes to setup. As with everything great there are consequences. Meaning that eventually sites like this may have to rely on a subscription service. Which honestly, wouldn't be too bad depending on the price.

I know 48% of gamers are girls, but I have not seen one yet. Wonder where they got the statistics.

Another Gaming pc giveaway here:


Hey guys, saw this giveaway on twitter and had to enter. Click the link to enter and give me three extra entries. :D

I can see a lot of people buying this for it's small size and the ability to browse the internet and email people. I personally like to have a high-end PC for my gaming needs. But there are many people that don't and this is the perfect solution. 

That was quite a while ago. I'm sure in 7 years with good sales they would've easily cleared up the debt, or at least made it smaller.