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Statements like these make me want to go to the source for full context. No high level management who would be quoted could possibly make such an assinine statement in public could they? : ( Please tell me this was cherry picked and that they are reasonable about their failures...

I don't think the $30 is any more outrageous than paying hundreds more for first class. When it's on company dime people rarely care. Trying to justify $1200 in overages is just silly though. I can't imagine he'll ever have to pay it.

There was a day when I would consider your comment ludicrous. While the issues they tackled in this take down are legitimate, I can't help but wonder if the bigger picture doesn't at least resemble your assumption.

lol... Chest Missiles...

This felt a whole lot more Pixar meets FPS League of Legends than TF2. So many people flipping out because their is a character (or 3) that sets up a turret and another that can wall walk...  These are not exclusive elements folks!

Kudos for their attention to detail with the security guard playing Hearthstone on his tablet. At this point I'll try anything Blizzard puts out and now they have something in my favorite genre ^.^ Thrilled!

Awesome! Congrats guys! Starwhite, looks like you'll know exactly what to do with such shiny new parts : )

I haven't paid full price for a title in so long. This game might break the fast.

The thumbnail for this article is seriously misleading, but I'm glad a 3D printed chastity belt wasn't the first place winner. The cheap drone looks awesome.

Just spent a long weekend in the mountains with a bunch of friends. Everyone but me had an iphone. None were bent, though only one was without a case and the owner is meticulous with his care. I was glad when the 2nd article posted that the number of bent phones was significantly less than originally reported. It's a shame it's not so true.

Most people I see use massive, strong cases for their phone. I wonder if the reports are rare simply because of this.

Good luck everyone!

Hollywood and literature has done a fine job exploring the potential for AI to get out of control. Doesn't sound like anything new, but it's good to hear someone with some weight remind us that it's not all fun and fiction.

I couldn't help but think back to Wargames when reading his quote about it being worse than nukes in the wrong hands : P