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Just 1 more reason why I use google over bing. Good Job google, keep up the great work.

Is T-Mobile's service that comparable to Sprints? If so, I wouldn't want either and stick with my Verizon. Most of the time when I'm trying to call my brother who uses sprint, most of the time the calls are either dropped or never received. Both cell phone companies are terrible.

I've been wanting to upgrade to 7 from Vista but haven't had the time nor money. If I get 9 for free, I'm totally for it. I can finally update by AMD Software due to Catalyst no longer supporting Vista. I've also wanted to get off of Vista for other big reasons other than the fact that it's Vista and it's crap. However, the only thing I'm concerned about with jumping over 7 and 8 is that I'll have to install the new OS instead of upgrading it and keeping my files due to the huge jump from Vista to 9.

Now does this include the season passes for the games, the extra download/digital content. If so, this is a great way to play Battlefield 4. Not sure what the season passes give you for the other sports titles, but if it was included, this is a great move on EA's part. I sure hope other publishers start doing this with this "Access" feature, I'm talking to you Trion, Steam, Blizzard, or any other publisher who uses those damn launchers for their collective titles.

Sure, I'll transition to it if I have to. I guess that's another process that's going to be running in the background of my phone. Oh that precious RAM.

Gamestop: Hey, you know that game that originally cost you $60? Well will give you that game for $100, but you don't have to pay now

Customer: Buys game with gamestop credit card over 6 months costing him $100. 1 year later he goes back to Gamestop to sell it back.

Gamestop: Here's your $2


thanks for the tip, I was just wondering if anything outside of the HDD like the MOBO, RAM... could crash your HDD.

Sounds like something that I can install in my current vehicle with a 3rd party manufacturer, Duracell, Energizer... I wonder if it supports phones that have cases around them because most phones do now. I currently can't touch Galaxy S devices together due to my case, but that's probably a different type of technology but a similar concept. What's great about this is that I don't need to attach anything to my phone that communicates with the mat (like a adhesive plate that goes to the back of my phone). Will see what people think about it next year when they purchase their expensive high tech Cadillac.

I'm currently looking into upgrading my MOBO, RAM, and CPU. Once I acquire them, I will then be putting them into my Rig, but my question is, could my HDD crash if not all the necessary wires are inserted or anything messes up during the upgrading process?

I currently run a standard chassis that supports six 2.5 drives, 2 air vents, and an mATX form factor. After looking at all the companies and blogs of people posting about their rigs, I seem to see a lot of people with huge, crazy, and sometimes diabolical setups using a big chassis. My question, is it the bigger the rig the better gaming experience or can standard chassis support great gaming as well and those rigs are simply just for eye candy?