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They really want to try and get people's business...good move at moving these prices down.

I've never really had a lot of issues with Windows 8.1, but I'm still watching what goes on with 10. The start menu being back is nice, but hopefully 10 avoids compatibility issues that I've seen with 8.1 (looks at Sony Movie Studio 13)

It's nice to see these becoming more and more viable options for people playing games. Heck, I have an HP Envy that does a really nice job of playing games, more than I ever actually expected.

It always amuses me when people demean a system that "only has a 760." That's more than ample to run most games so it works for this system. Obviously what system and card you need depend on what you're going to do with it, but I've seen people manage with cards weaker than the 760. That said, I'd still rather build it myself and choose the components.

Considering it's Jay Cutler making the mistake, I'm not all that surprised. Nor am I surprised that broadcasters aren't catching it since half the time they can't get the action on the field correct either.

This is late, but congrats Ben!

Such sweetness...would've been awesome to win it, but someone got a great build.

Having had both Intel and AMD processors, I can honestly say that while I have a preference still towards Intel, I've found AMD's work just fine, so this would be pretty nice to have.

I'm gonna out and admit that I've never quite understood this whole Bitcoin thing...and seeing how volatile it's become, I'm glad I never really understood it lol.

This is a nice gesture and all, but the power usage in the 970 and 980 are really hard to overlook, especially when I think that it will be spring when I can probably afford these cards. But it gives fans of AMD cards something to be happy about.