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Thank the maker (A Dragon Age Joke) that this game is awesome, and Bioware taking considerable time to evaluate the state of the franchise in-between its planning while they were simultaneously making Dragon Age II (which probably shouldn't have been called that, but understandably did since its decisions carried over to this game) has to be respected.

*Finally,* a quality true 4K monitor. But there's one thing that's suspect: Is it a DisplayPort 1.3 monitor or a DisplayPort 1.2 monitor?

Unless they plan a quick follow-up, I would've preferred they waited next year for this to have a USB-Type C port, DDR4 Ram, and so on.

I'm extremely skeptical about the screen with rather poor color accuracy to boast about; if it's not something like G-Sync, it's a meh at this point.

@KOwen: Bloodborne alone is worth considering get a PS4 for.

That said, even taking account Uncharted 4, it's better to wait for an upgraded PS4 model w/ Wireless AC, Sata III, & be even thinner.

This is an eccentric battle; the FAA should provide more details about the one incident they've mentioned that mobile devices became projectiles...

I'm a huge fan of these new mobile tools from Adobe. It's obviously not great news yet for Android users, but Adobe hasn't disappointed much with new launch of mobile apps to compliment their outstanding desktop apps (except perhaps apps competing with superior rapid prototyping or designing-in-the-browser workflows)

Displayport 1.3 released on September 15th this year; I'm more looking forward more to the Mawell GPUs that'll support it and PCIe4

EVGA have some beastly engineers to accomplish that.

Unless the release table for Displayport 1.3 has been delayed till next year, I don't think it makes the best sense to release this Ultra HD monitor w/ Sync when Displayport 1.3 is coming out real soon to maximize such technology towards wooing gamers and professionals eccentric enough to get this monitor instead of true 4K monitors with at least 16:10 aspect ratios.

You have to wait till DisplayPort 1.3 to even dream such a thing reliably. Majority of those who are even remotely of even thinking of gaming 4K w/ something like a 120MHZ will have to wait till DisplayPort 1.3.

Asus themselves stated so, knowing that serious and competitive gamers wil be better off with their line of high-end monitors specifically suited for high-end gaming like the Asus ROG Swift (their flagship) w/ GSync or a BenQ equivalent coming soon.

These monitors aren't for gamers, but they're teased to them occasionally, like the TitanZ.

Gamers are better suited having IPS WQHD displays with GSync, 120Mhz displays. It's a no brainer.

That said, monitor manufacturers have had to start somewhere. It can only get better as DisplayPort 1.3 is available and the inevitable Thunderbolt 3.

NVLink beasts from Nvidia and the things AMD is thinking up for their GPUs also makes it more sane to wait. There's a reason no PC manufactor dared to really create any desktop beasts this Fall until PCIe4, DDR4 Ram, Intel Skylake, and Sata Express are available.