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Sorry for the long delay in posting.. my bother's health is failing fast so I have been quite busy.



its an awesome system! Im sure I wont have it much longer before my son or wife decides they like it :)


is it always or only sometimes? I dont see much skipping on Facebook, but youtube sometimes is like watching paint dry.

ouch $500.. have to assume no monitor.  $491

I'm not surprised Win 10 tried to do that, I have heard so many horror stories about it, seems like the only good thing about it is Cortana if your a Halo fan, but I like so many others wouldn't take Win 10 if you gave it to me and apparently MS can't even give it away!

it has been one of the fastest adopted OSs they have released. And its damn good. It has its fair share of issues like any other OS but i have had no complaints at all. It boots in seconds, yes SSD + win 10 is about 7 seconds cold boot to desktop (and you can launch an app at that point, not still wait)

Whats wrong with bing? (besides the name! lol) - i use it most of the time simply because they PAY you. Points for using it gets you free stuff. I have 200GB of cloud (oneDrive) until 2018 for free.

i just tell siri to set the alarm.. the default sound is horrible and jarring so it wakes me up right away lol.
did they announce winners? i forgot to look for them lol.
no it takes a while. They have to find all the people posting, then sort through and pull out the actual active people (not just the ones that posted a few times, or just a few words) THEN toss in a hat a pull the winner
I have had Zero issues with MSI motherboards. Havent tried GPUs (I am an XFX fanboy)
hahahahaha thats great!

I always do a little cable sleeving when nothing else is going on.. working on a be quiet dark power pro 10 850. Its a pain since the 24pin is not modular.


I am assuming you have the latest drivers...

Have you tried it in other games?

Mantle on/off?

did this PC have the nvidia drivers in it and have you done a full driver wipe?

I would 100% return this and instead pick up a 390. Not only will it run cooler and quieter, but its also DX12 ready. Its the same price or cheaper.

I have an XFX R9 390 and its quiet as could be and have zero issues with any games so far.. I did have a 270 in it before and could run BF4 fine with that card (vsync on)