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Where's the results of this 'test' ?

I must apologise for my comment 'same guy'. Sexist. Should have said 'omnipotent entity'.

What about Alah and Jehova (oh! same guy), well The Budah, advisor credit at least!

Great news for AMD but...

Intel were late to the mobile general purpose computing device (smart-phone - tablet) scene but look set to join the party. And perhaps in a couple of years to be the life and soul of it. Think of a 64 bit x86 architecture device that fits in your pocket. A device, dual booting with Windows Phone or Android, along with Windows 9. WOW!

The desktop is dead. Well maybe not just yet but it's not far off. There will always be desktops for science and technology, and high end gamers. The rest of the world, perhaps 90% of the CPU/GPU/SOC/APU market will be catered for by 'good enough compute' devices that also happen to make phone calls, to call them smart-phones is a misnomer today never mind in two years time.

Intel is in a good position if it can produce SOCs that are as frugal with their fuel as ARM is today and in the future. My guess is – they will be.

Where does all this leave AMD. Kaveri looks good but at the moment too hungry to sit in a device in your pocket. I am not in the know, perhaps AMD are in the process of joining the aforementioned party but I'm not aware of it. And if they don't join this party they will inevitably shrink to specialise or even go the way of the other x86 licensees like Cyrus.

So, this device is a small brick, until you plug it into it's dock. Even if it had a power input the battery would be five times the size and weight of the device and it still wouldn't work because it would overheat. People are investing in this idea to bring it to fruition?!?!?! These people must have been misled or are just plain dumb.

There is no excuse for this device not to have micro hdmi and usb ports. Also how is the docking device connected? If it is other than pci-e 4 lane minimum, it is not adequate. It sounds a bit half baked but the principal is great.