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I pay $120 dollars a month for 10 download 2 upload. The funny thing is, our entire town has fiber to each and every home and business. But since it's a monopoly they can charge what they want for minimal bandwidth. They have gentlemen agreements with the other ISP to only bring in TV and they won't touch their towns if they dont touch theirs.

When will we get rid of these data caps......stifles technology sooo much.

Then you can drop it and break it even easier because the glass technology is not up to date yet. Or you can put it in a big ugly case that takes away from the reason you got it anyways lol.

But na it looks cool though.

I still kind of like lenovos idea more of using it as login crednentials device for your PC.

This is awesome :D

How could they losing money? It's almost equivalent in popularity to Facebook. There must be some bad money mismanagement...

Wow this sounds pretty good. Sounds a lot better than my Fitbit. I might have to get this depending on the price.

Mind you this was a few years ago, but I was in charge of project of changing out hard-drives. Half of them I went with WD, the other half SG. I didn't have one WD fail over the next few years...SG I had multiple fail. Ever since then I only buy WD.

But this was obviously not a scientific test. Maybe that particular model of SG was just bad. But I dunno, that's my biased opinion for what it's worth lol.

Well when you're working with a fusion reactor...your kind of want to be picky about every detail...

I wonder what the range is.