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I understand that developing new layouts is difficult, but the current overhaul killed usability on both Firefox Mobile and Mobile Safari (default Android browser for most phones not forced to use chrome). Is there a new mobile site in the works? If not, perhaps having the legacy layout for mobile/smaller screens will help quite a bit.

Net neutrality CAN fix the problems if the definition of net neutrality means classifying ISPs as common carriers! Japan had that issue a while back and classified ISPs as common carriers, so now you can get fiber connection from anyone and simply pay for their backbone access. Sure it makes payments a bit more annoying (base connection charge+isp charge, usually $30+$5-15 depending on ISP), but it gives you 100mbps (or faster in some places) connections for very cheap

I hope that the anchors get slapped with breach of contract and are terminated. Not necessarily because of this, but just as an excuse because these guys are pretty annoying on CNN and I want more serious reporters back on air rather than half retarded "commentators"

And SP3 >>>> all other tablets, my lab now has two (personal, i.e. members bought them for themselves) and a Surface 2 as well!

This has to be in violation of federal wiretapping laws, and if not it certainly is in violation of DMCA copyright protection if you use STARTTTL to protect photographs, audio, and video you created.

AI is usually memory limited rather than GFLOP limited. If we all had stacked DRAM racetracked into the CPU it might be GFLOP limited, but so far even AI in L3 cache is too slow to be GFLOP limited

"Unlike some, I don't blame AMD's Jaguar for that: AMD has variants of the core clocked at 2GHz and above, albeit at higher power consumptions. Microsoft or Sony could've specced out a variant of the core clocked at 2-2.4GHz and boosted total CPU throughput by as much as 50%. They didn't. "

CPU limited doesn't mean GFLOP limited. Most AI systems are GB/s limited, with small memory footprints that can be in L1/L2 cache. Most likely Ubisoft's methods are crossing the L2 barrior more often than they would on conventional desktop CPUs due to poor chip design rather than not being able to actually implement a good algorithm. Both companies should have stuck to IBM or Intel for the chips, since both are more energy efficient when limited by something other than gflops.

"The programmable nature of the GCN architecture inside the Xbone and PS4 is meant to compensate for the relatively lightweight core"

And AMD's driver implementation means you can't compensate for anything due to horrible OpenCL complience. Few AI kernels would be able to be properly compiled for AMD chips, and if the AI is as complex as they claim it certainly won't work!

I was looking for a new space heater for my room, this might be much better than my i7 pc for that purpose!

Looks like SP3 and other 4000 series U chips are still 30% faster at least

No, it's actually far WORSE when in a viscous liquid or one with high ca[censored]ary forces. The liquid will end up acting like an insulator rather than a conductor. There's a reason why radiators are thin with large space between fins

The science is solid? Most certainly not. Just check the requirements for free convection with a delta T of 50C (~100C at the chip), and you'll see that this sponge design is horrible.