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Thats right, the user with the lowest net becomes host and therefore has a dominate power. The maps have a lot of rendering to do so that make the first minute of any map lagy.

Dedicated servers are a must for a game like this but they decided to dis the whole world community and not care about future sales and again not include it.

There are already cheaters. only 6 or so maps so it's like a BETA if you ask me. A total waste of money so far. The spawn points are same as usual, you spawn in front of someone to be shot straight away. once you learn the spawn you just camp and shoot.

This is in relation to PC I am not sure about consoles.

Only Plus is the weapons are awesome (excluding the BS laser and rail guns etc). The maps are awesome too.

SLI/Crossfire lags and is buggy.

7.1 causes lag with Logitech software

Hardcore TDM still has spawn timers. 

Pre caching maps causes drop outs.


I see none of these issues are getting resolved


did exactly what david webb did and uninstall after a week. no VPN's Work

Still ugly as hell compared to Origin and MSI Systems

Sweet but i still see a let down on PCIe as why on earth do they still do 8x and not full 16x across the range. PCIe has been out for decades now. 2x16x will make 460GTX's run hard for cheaper options.

I say stuff them. If there so dumb to make exclusives because Console companies are trying to take jeopardy over each other then let them die. PC gaming systems way out sold consoles in the past few years and it's climbing. They [censored]games when the port them so it is a win for PC users regardless.

It is beyond me why a publisher or developer would want an exclusive as sales over PS3/4 | Xbox360/one | WiiU and PC combined would extremely exceed the sales of ONE unit

What a joke. who cares about the 0.001% of people and then the 0.001% of those people that even play the game.

This is extremely amazing. Hurry future

Also just looked at the Pre-Orders and could not see Australian in the list WTF :(

Me tooo. I absolutely love both these titles, after all they are what made today's FPS's. Exciting, With TitanFall and these this year all I need is a New METRO and ill be a happy chappy :)