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Please explain to me how net neutrality is a bad thing. The reactions coming from the juggernaut telecoms is obviously a sign that, politics aside, some moderate rules put in place to keep the telecoms from shaping traffic to serve their own interests is not a bad idea.

rage much?

And you have to have a Creative Cloud membership to use this, at 29.99/mo. That's $360 per year for an online only service, no thanks.

And FBI, we take issue with the fact that you want to snoop on us without a proper Warrant. A judge can compel someone to unencrypt their device, no need for you to be able to do so without judge approval

But does it bend?

Actually if you go off of recent history, considering that every other release of Windows has been very good, Windows 9 will probably be awesome and make us forget all about Windows 8

The title is very misleading. They are stopping SALES of WIndows 7 (Except for Win 7 Pro), not SUPPORT. To the commentors, RTFA. To HotHardware, don't peddle FUD in your post title to get extra clicks.

all they are doing on Halloween is stopping selling Windows 7 (except Win 7 Pro). Support doesn't end until 2020.

Supreme Court needs to overrule this crap. Seriously.

Yeah that's understandable just update and change your passwords you'll likely be fine