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Aww I Wish I Had One 😞 We Need Ps4 Giveaway 😃 HH Come On ^^

Starwhite And KOwen My Sincere Congrats! Well Done :)

Lindsay dont take my heist away! Its been 1 year plus! Rockstar got more things to focus on >.

Very Good Stuff 😃 but i have no need for it lol good luck to all and someone who truly needs it :)

That's something i cant disagree on about Maingear very serious company...I would truly love to see 4k gaming laptops aswell as current laptops on the markets today... 1 day in the near future made with different materials that can disperse heat and make gaming more enjoyable at a extended period of time :)

Nice review on the maingear laptop is thier any 4k gamung laptops on the market or will it become avaliable here anytime soon?

aw come on >.< i saw this to late but thanks for the post lol

Ty my good man you can be Vice if u want xD

Congrats Ben! Thank God LOL xD

lol @ realneil. Guys I want this as much as the next guy but we must remain calm here! What is pitchforks and wanting to burn things down going to prove?..........exactly nothing!!! We must continue why we are here... to inform new guys in the tech world to better themselves and continue their dreams. don't let a contest as this ruin who we truly are...I know everyone tired of waiting but come on its all we can do and w[censored]ver wins we congrats them and give them a reason why its fun to hang around guys like us :P