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Do people actually use these things?

Doubt it will sell for 300. It says on the kickstarter page that early funders were getting special treatment, and they had no retail price set yet. that, to me, means it will probably sell for 500-600.

Target hacked - 100 million credit card numbers stolen. Maybe credit cards should be banned.

Are they going to do that by stealing a different stamp's design?

Funny, he was a co-sponsor of PIPA, which was the senate's version of SOPA.

So it ends up costing the same as a ps4, except I'm out my 300 dollar ps3? No thanks.

That's the beta controller, which they said would not be wireless and not have a touchscreen... The photo of the new controller with the diamond placed buttons under the trackpads looks incredibly uncomfortable to use. Supposedly where the touchpad used to be is going to be a spot where the player can swipe their finger to manipulate the mouse cursor on screen.

And yet I haven't touched my PS4 since the week of launch, because there are no freaking games for it.

China bans BF4 because the game consists of overthrowing the Chinese government. Australia bans Witcher 2 because of [censored]. Which one seems more ridiculous?

Game runs in 1080p on the PS4, but nice try. Once again the pc master race comes out with their insecurities. I'll keep my 300+ steam collection, along with my PS4, and have a blast on both.