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Don't forget, Google's been investing heavily in robotics so it can completely replace the human workforce, selling their inventions to the commercial industries that are in want of saving their bottom line even more.... at least, that's not too far fetched...

Now they just have to get cell carriers to build towers to provide enough service there for all those newly equipped users.

After reading this all I can think of is the line at the end of 21 Jumpstreet remake: "you peaked in highschool."

They should patch and release private server apps or the ability to multiplay without a master login server (battlefield we're looking st you)...

Interesting. I wonder if Mantle is also being a consideration for PC based platforms / cross OS development as well which would explain the delays seeing as it also has several advantages.

I swear, if we were in the future and interstellar travel was viable, this reads like real news. Very interesting.

Wtf is gmail? :P

doesn't surprise me one bit considering the only time I ever really go on youtube anymore is on my android phone, and now that I've got a windows phone it's even easier....

My workstation updated to 8.1 pro just fine 🙂 Even with these headlines I still want a Surface or Surface 2 as it would bring a great tool to my workflows in business

I used to be an AMD fanboy myself, but as time has gone on, Intel has given me far less issues between CPU, Motherboard selection, and peripherals, drivers are easier to maintain, and all of the "troubleshooting" I used to do on AMD pc's got so time consuming I spent more time trying to solve problems with my PC than actually using it. I only do custom builds but it's not like I don't know what i'm doing. I always research my parts and make sure I select components that are compatible based on the latest QVL's. Intel the last 5-6 years have just done better for me in my experiences with needing high performance, high-stability workstations and desktops. I'm not a rich [censored], I'm actually quite broke, but my freelance work requires performance parts... and well... Intel and Nvidia deliver the best bang for my buck.