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I would prefer my 3770k price for performance. The 3970 and x79 platform is more for bragging rights then anything else.

I succumb to the occasionally wow stints.  It usually happens once a year for a month or so.  I feel like most MMO's out there it's all the carrot on the stick.  Guild Wars 2 was at least prettier, but I still couldn't get into it.  Activision will have to keep evolving WoW to remain relevant   Eventually no carrot will be good enough to maintain its subscribers, just like I really do not think any new MMO will be able to copy it's success (I am looking at you Elder Scrolls).  The genre is not dead, but I will definitely say WoW will be the last successful subscription based MMO.  Sorry the post is so scatter brained.

Did someone eventually win this?  Just checking, still holding out for my nephew.

Did someone eventually win this?  Just checking, still holding out for my nephew.

Running 2 670s in SLI, and have 2 120 gb SSDs.  So already run I g well.  I think I am just obsessing with having the best.

So I have a Microcenter near me and they have a 3770k for 230.  I am currently running a 2500k at 4.5 ghz at 72 degrees IBT temps with a corsair H60.  I could probably sell the chip for 150, but is the 80 dollars worth the upgrade?  I am an avid gamer and I heard HT can make a difference on a few games (crysis 3, battlefield 3).  Let me know what you think.

Please take the time to read what I posted in the general forum.  I am not trying to win this for me... Great giveaway guys!

I am sure you thought of this, but I would never overclock a 2500k on a stock cooler.  Your CPU will start throttling at 80 and above, so along with a setting here and there in the BIOS you are just asking for instability.

I will say that these benchmarks prove the GPU is the single best upgrade for a gamer, but I will say that an old CPU can still produce a wall. Bang for the buck it is the best, but I will say if you are willing take the time and sell some of your old components on eBay. When I upgraded my q6600 last year to a 2500k I sold my old board, ram, and CPU for about 200 reducing my upgrade cost significantly.

My 670 is pretty good, Crysis 3 is a little slower than I would like.  I just ordered 670 number 2, it may be overkill, but I will deal with the sli issues for the price I paid (780 for both total).  You cannot go wrong with any although from what i read sli is still superior over crossfire (AMD is addressing this but the driver will not be released til July).  The TITAN is overpriced even though it is a great performer, having one of those if you could even find one is almost more about bragging rights.  That's my opinion, and an overclocked 670 will give you 680 levels of performance pretty easily.