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Great giveaway! Good luck all!

Nice of them to be so generous!

More reasons not to shop at GameStop or to support Ubisofts and other publishers business practices.

I've read the entire transcript and I don't feel like what is described in the article is what was being said at all.

They aren't saying people don't have to work hard just to survive, they are saying people shouldn't have to work as hard as they do... They are both arguing for shorter work weeks, longer vacations, and for higher wages at the expense of employers profits.

Seems like an excellent way to have people stop using your service. Well done Facebook!

Interesting idea, now we just need someone to sell cardboard kits with all the cutting and measuring done for us.

US supreme court doing something sensible? If only this kind of common sense could be applied when the rulings involves corporations

Lovely looking system for this years competition!

The amount of spin Microsoft is spouting about the cloud is amazing. Your downloadable games are already in the "cloud"! Your downloadable movies are already in the "cloud"! Your downloadable music is already in the "cloud"! Absolutely nothing said in that PR drivel is new or revolutionary. Keep on spinning MS! Seriously how did redownloading your digital purchases because thats how digital distribution works become "unlimited storage space in the cloud"? and why are people lining up to congratulate them on new PR/Marketing garbage? Great they've removed the gold requirement for some things but they don't get very specific about what things are actually included, they just use broad generic terms instead! Good times! WIll you be able to upload your retail purchases to the cloud(doubtful)? Unlimited video storage(unlikely)? Unlimited game save storage(probably locked behind gold)? Who knows!? Why give details when you can spin everything in to the amazingness of the cloud!!!!!! Not like they'd want to give details anyways because you know you might become informed and not buy this load of marketing crap.

I feel like it could use a few more LEDs