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Only kind of... Unfortunately.

Breaking Bad and Walter White didn't glorify meth... if anything it showed that it will completely ruin every aspect of your life and likely get you killed.

"Facebook" isn't getting "hands on" with Oculus VR and has been very clear about that. Oculus is developing their own hardware now instead of relying on already existing (mostly smart-phone) hardware because they couldn't afford to develop their own custom hardware before. Which means the production model is going to be far better than it would have been previously.The Facebook buyout is making that possible by infusing Oculus VR with an enormous amount of development capital.

Of course you can ignore all that information I just gave you and keep being a sarcastic cuss if you like.

This is fantastic news. The'll be able to complete the production model with their own hardware and start producing them for sale to the public soon! I've heard they're going to be selling them at cost. :D

For as little time as I've had with a XBox One controller, I have to say that I really like the feel of it. A nicely refined controller in my opinion.

I would love a Surface Pro 3... But I need to upgrade my primary machine well before I consider upgrading my craptastic laptop.

Hmmm... Gmail seems to be up and working just fine for me.

Godwin's law in one? :P

I suspect you can build an equal or better PC for half the price.

A couple people are going to be treated to some nice new HotHardware this holiday season. :D