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Looks pretty awesome! Though I think the Oculus Rift will be a more visceral experience.

Even with a slight seam, I could see setting these up on a corner desk and having it look awesome!

You seem to be getting really bent out of shape about this. It's their product, they can call it anything they want. It isn't like they've been naming them all 1, 2, 3, 4, etc... they've named the versions all sorts of things. Sometimes after the year, sometimes just a name they liked. What does it really matter. Also, allegedly if you own 8.1, you will get a free upgrade to Win10. Are you going to not take the free upgrade because you're mad about the name?

Windows 10 is shaping up to be a nice OS from everything I've seen so far. I'm also not surprised that DX12 is a part of Win10, that's traditionally what's happened with newer DX versions. I'm also really glad that DX12 will work on Nvidia cards going back to the 400 series. I have a 770, so not having to buy a new video card to take advantage of DX12 is nice. If the rumors prove to be true about the pricing model for Win10, this might turn out to be one of the most popular Windows OS releases in a long time.

I wonder how much of the changes in direction have been because Microsoft's new CEO was an engineer and not just a salesman.

Your headline is biffed. :)

Nobody in their right mind should be thinking that Facebook is a bastion of privacy. Nor should anyone expect that if you're under investigation that they shouldn't investigate you...


No thanks. I prefer facts to wild speculation.

Congratulations Dustin.

Pikurisu: He's still free to be a bigot if he wants. He can use his severance pay to fund all the efforts to limit the rights of our fellow citizens that he wants. He just can't be the CEO for Mozilla at the same time because Mozilla doesn't want someone who would be willing to do something like that to be the CEO of their company.

This argument that you're trying to make that people should be tolerant of bigotry is ridiculous. Would you make the same argument for racists who believe that blacks should be slaves? Or how about misogynists who think women shouldn't be allowed to vote, work, or own land? Is your tolerance for hatred limited to just bigotry towards gay people?

And by the way... the changes to laws that have been sought by the gay community, their friends, and their families have been to prevent discrimination or to repeal laws that legalize discrimination against gay people.

Hahaha intolerance of bigotry is worse than bigotry? No.

Also... having a different view of things is not the same thing as trying to fund legislation to have your bigoted views become law.

An example so that you might grasp the difference might be that I don't like lutefisk. I think lutefisk is icky and gross. It is not something I enjoy. If my dislike of lutefisk goes no further than me disliking lutefisk, there is no problem with that. However, if I actively work towards or fund an effort to ban lutefisk and deny anyone the right to eat it... then I'm no longer just having a different view... I'm trying to force my views on others, which would be wrong to do.

Do you understand now?