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You will have to excuse my crappy cell phone pictures for now. Here are some pictures of the PC! 


Box was a little beat up but Dave did a great job packaging the PC didn't have any issues!


Opening the box...gotta get this out of the box!


Ahh just look at that beast of a GPU in the Arc Midi Case


So while I like the Arc Midi case, I did some bartering and got the NZXT H630. Thought about using my HAF 932 but i've had it for 2-3 years now and wanted a new full tower. Like I said ill try to get some better pictures later on. 

realneil wrote:

This still doesn't make me want to trade with EA.

Their whole management style has been a comedy of errors and missteps.

True but games like BF4 I feel compelled to give them money. 

Kinda odd Google went down for 5 minutes and Amazon goes down for 40. While I would think both of these have redundancy after redundancy kinda odd they actually went down at all.

Wow I didn't even know these existed, now I want one.

I don't think so. I haven't used a separate audio card in years. Then again I haven't had a decent headset until the past couple months. I always bought the $20 sets just to have something and found out recently how nice a $60-70 set can be.

Provo got picked im 99% sure because the city built its own fiber network already and they just needed someone to finish it. KC and Austin got picked because of its infrastructure. 80-90% of everything is overhead on poles so its easier to run brand new fiber.

Getting Provo done doesn't seem like to big of deal. If I remember right when they first announced it the network was I think about 90% already built it just needed to be finished and Google needed to get their equipment in. I've seen how fast TWC and AT&T can built so I assume Google can do the same.

Only if they took old video cards. I got a 4650 and 4890 sitting around with nothing to do with them. Dave is right though while you can put almost anything on craigslist it doesn't mean someone wants to buy it.

Now to see how the new APUs perform when they become available.

TRoemhildt wrote:

If only Bethesda would jump on board.

If only alot of other companies would. Maybe Infinity Ward is tired of being laughed at by DICE.