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It's kind of sad. About 5 years ago we were all orgasmic over the future of HDD's. My how times have changed. I never would have thought of sacrificing capacity for speed at a demanding price tag, but I did and never looked back. I'm assuming they're finally starting to break the 1TB increments every couple years to try and gain momentum again.

With 3D NAND it's only a matter of time before 2TB SSD's come out and break the $500 barrier. Thanks to Samsung 1TB is already there. Really wish the remaining HDD guys luck in the future because there was a time when SMR/HAMR/BPM was very interesting.

Watch Dogs set the example for an all new low on a multitude of things. Versions being one of them. That chart is truly ridiculous and the developer should feel ashamed and the publisher just as guilty.

I wouldn't call a 10 tick rate a bug. That's just appalling. Counter-Strike may be one of the very very few games that needs higher than 30. Hell many believe higher than 60 because it's that noticeable for twitch gameplay. Games like Battlefield and COD are a little different where they could get by with much less, but one would figure they'd have a tick rate of at least 30 for a FPS.

Insane mistake.

Streaming 4K at abysmal bit rates isn't "streaming 4K". Anyone can do that. Twitch calls streaming at 1.5Mbps @ 1080p HD and it is NOT.

Unless Netflix is offering 4K streams @ 25Mbps with H.265 encoding it's a smoke screen just like every non-bluray source where the compression and bit rates leave much to the imagination.

Phising made easier. Don't like it, but then again I don't use Chrome and never will. I want something that's stable, not doing this rapid cycle crap where in 6 weeks time something may or may not be broke.

Disappointing that even Opera with 1% of the market is doing this now. Very places to go except IE *shudders*.

So many misconceptions in the comments. It's mind boggling.

I'm betting the card will self-destruct as well. Thing is going to start fires.

The PC version being better isn't rocket science, it's expected. The sad truth is the game, if you take everything else aside, looks like shit.

Valve Source Engine. Nuff said. The irony that it isn't on Steam and forces you to deal with Origin is enough that I'd rather get it for the console than PC in the first place.

Big bark, little bite. Unless 10GbE drops

With 1GbE nearly 15 years old you'd think technologically we'd be able to buy a cheap NIC that can easily max out, yet still you need to pick carefully as half those NICS are utter trash barely capable of 250Mbps. Even top-end 10GbE cards struggle to max out past 80% of the theoretical with top line hardware.

Networking manufacturers need to start stepping up because it's annoying having to deal with such crap gear that's already out there incapable of supporting the bare minimum standards of the Ethernet protocol. If you can't perform, don't sell it.

Oh and it'll go through for those doubters because in most markets Comcast and TWC don't directly compete with one another. The Cable Co's learned wisely from watching Bell get tore apart by the government to know how to maneuver around the legalities to avoid such a thing from happening.

I assure you the stipulations for allowing the merger will be as big of a joke as it was when Comcast bought out NBC Universal.