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How much of this is because they are no longer making flip phones or other basic phones and the number of younger people getting phones keeps increasing. Mostly the first IMO.

10-20% traffic speed is still technically unlimited. 😉 They didn't say "unlimited 3G speeds" did they?

While i applauded the 1TB size I started trying to put data up in the cloud and my crappy ISP upload speed is so horrendous that most cloud storage has become utterly pointless as the amount of time to upload is beyond insane. Unlimited, 2TB, whatever, if you have crappy upload capabilities it is almost for naught.

I still just think of the iTrashCan when I see this. Reminds me of a shuttle PC. Or the people who cram PCs into toasters or other random objects. I'm still waiting on my coconut shell design PC case to be functionally feasible.

The iOS discount pisses me off to no end. I understand being logged in and flash sales and the rest but cheaper simply because you're using an Apple product seems to be a bit more discriminatory to me.

1% of total market penetration or consumer purchasing? One percent including Enterprise sales is damn impressive if that's the case.

That's how they can offer you the savings per gig. Because it takes you that much longer to get to your cap on their slower network. (said by a Sprint customer me)

Careful for anyone running Microsoft App-V Autodesk type packages in their environments. KB2984972 is known to cause issues.


I really don't get the trend of smart watches. Granted I'm also the type who doesn't use his phone as an AIO device either. I have a separate MP3 player for when I run, GPS watch for when i'm jogging and hiking, yadda yadda. It's neat to see the ideas being thrown out there but it's just not for me.

This would be cool not just as a thin client in the office but there's gotta be some way to do network aware direct connect when you're off a corporate network and or PXE boot to a VDI image when you're in the office. So many possibilities of awesomeness.