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Topic: R2D2 USB Memory Stick Review   Go to last post
Posted: Saturday, September 21, 2013 8:08:58 AM(UTC)

R2D2 USB Memory Stick Review


USB Memory Stick Review

In a world of USB flash drives that do

everything short of making dinner, there's something to be said for a simple flash

drive with a small price tag. And while you’re at it make it personal you could

go to any computer shop and pick between their black or grey sticks maybe

you’ll get lucky and find an Angry birds Memory stick limited to a 2GB storage.

We don’t like in a world limited to Black, Grey or Angry for this situation we

have the internet for which I thank, It means that I can get a more personal

product like this, It makes me able to say every time I get something new “Hey

guys look at this” Rather than “I got the Lexar JumpDrive®

S70 USB Flash Drive” and Dave saying “Yea me too mate”.

On top of its awesome appearance it seems fairly

sturdy with the material it’s made out of I think I could drop it a lot of

times without it breaking or risking anything and it should also be moderately

water resistant with the head covering the USB most of the time.


Now for any negative points, first the most common

problem with personalised USB memory sticks. Its shape isn’t the most effective

for its purpose of quickly plugging in to any USB slot. While it’s not

oversized or clunky it is effectively a barrel shape so it won’t go into all

USB Ports, for me this became apparent when I had to unplug something from the

slot next to the one this was going into to test it. So if your ever thinking

of buying a USB that looks like this or a cat or anything just be aware that

you may be switching around or not able to just slot it in like a basic square


 The second problem isn’t with the product but with the Price/seller. If

you are wanting to just buy one and want it for a deal price you will have to

wait something like 20-45 days so this can’t be something that you need

tomorrow as you could easily double to cost for a quick delivery. With this

there is also a tiny issue of having to pay in USD rather than £ meaning that

you may need to calculate the actual price.


* Fully compatible with hi-speed USB 2.0

* USB powered, no external power is required

* Just plug and play into a USB port, easy to operate

* Material: plastic

* Capacity: 2GB to 32GB

* Weight: 38g


as “robot” USB 2.0 Memory stick in the site pages of Chinabuye.com, This memory

stick is a steal. Overall it doesn’t suffer any issues that you don’t get with

this sort of product and its just a quick plug in and play. I bought 4GB

version to test out costing around £6.40 with a range of 2GB to 32GB ranging

from around £6 to £17. *prices depend on postage, Quantity and exchange rates between USD

and £.

Topic: Mini Egg tumbler speaker   Go to last post
Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 8:51:01 AM(UTC)

Mini Egg tumbler speaker



recently bought this speaker for $9.01 (Approximately £6.30 including

shipping) from china. Similar to any mini speaker such as a hamburger

speaker the purpose of this product is for music on the move, my

prefered purpose is for a mobile presentation setup to add a boost to

laptop speakers.

Basic Mini hamburger speakers



speaker is significantly more powerful than the basic hamburger

speakers around while it is also significantly bigger at 8cm tall and

5.5cm wide so I will use my previous purchase of a Mini hamburger speaker as a comparison. Immediately the Egg tumbler speaker looks

significantly better with a clearer finish while it opens and closes

easily and when it is turned on the inside lights up and changes colour

making it appear as a well put together product. In comparison the

Hamburger speaker does not look as nice, does not close as easily

however it does have the ability to work as a standalone MP3 player by

just adding a sd card with music into it and its wire connecting it to a

laptop is more durable.

Mini hamburger speaker with MP3 built in

Egg tumbler speaker

As you can see on the left the Mini Hamburger

speaker has a slot to inser a SD card and a adjustment slide which

increases/decreases volume and skips songs.

As you can see below when the Egg tumbler is

turned on it glows and changes colours showing that it will always look

better than the hamburger speaker.



wire of the Egg tumbler has brought it down significantly as you can

see in the pictures, The plastic has already started to break away from

the wire. This happened over a weekend of being in a bag when I tested

it. This is important because the speaker is useless without this wire

as it needs to be plugged in and does not use a more common method. In

addition you can see how short the wire is which makes it much more

difficult to use as it means the speaker needs to sit directly next to

the laptop.



thing that again makes this a useful portable product is the

rechargeable li-ion battery that can also easily be charged using small

power kits. This means that you don't have to rely on batteries or a

plug socket and the charge lasts for a good amount of time. In addition

its shape does make the product itself durable so it doesn't break in



think this product is a great deal at less than £7 and I would pay from

£10 to £15 if it had a good quality wire. I must recommend care with

the wire if using this as a portable speaker. In the end I don't

think I would buy this item myself just because the Hamburger speaker

has so much more to offer with built in mp3 player capabilities.

Topic: Hamburger speaker review   Go to last post
Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2012 7:33:03 AM(UTC)

a key benifit of useing ebay also means that you get protection when you buy with paypal. So if it is substandard then sometimes you might be able to get your money back and you almost always get your money back if it doesnt arrive. (not that im promoting ebay).

the reason why you would need 75 of them is because you are preparing your bunker for Zday obviously...

Topic: Hamburger speaker review   Go to last post
Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2012 6:55:59 AM(UTC)

You are right about a issue with quality and transit times when dealing with suppliers from china that is part of the reason why im starting these reviews so that I can look at the quality and check out if its worthwhile. Also when dealing with china postage costs and exchange rates can make the unit price change a vast amount depending on a number of factors. This specific product is that price but will take 30 days to arrive inorder to keep the same unit price but get a 8-12 day delivery you would need to order in the hundreds.

Topic: Hamburger speaker review   Go to last post
Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 9:40:26 AM(UTC)

"mini" hamburger speaker

 The "Mini" Hamburger Speaker


recently bought this item from Chinabuye for $8.26 (Including free

shipping as I'm willing to wait forever for a cheaper item approximately

£5.80). My first thought was wow this is not as “mini” as any other

Hamburger speaker being around 2-3 times the size of any other one I

have seen. This size doesn't make it any less transportable as it can

still fit in a pocket however does affect its potential use as a MP3




I did just mention that it can effectively function as a MP3 player an

odd thing that this speaker contained within its box a basic set of

headphones. The humour of a set of headphones as part of a speaker

package was not lost on me. using headphones with this item wouldn't be a

bad application of this product however as I found I could just slot my

SD card from my phone into it and then with it on it works like a basic

mp3 player with just a sliding button for volume and skipping tracks.

This means that effectively for £5.80 I have a Mp3 player that could

potentially hold a 32gb memory card (mine is 8 gb) this is more than

enough memory for just songs. The only problem with this is that you

would then need to buy that memory card.


to the main function which is essentially a mobile speaker system for

playing music which I believe would be perfect for small presentations.

It is ideal for this because it is small enough and light enough to be

able to put into a laptop case or in a bag along with a Ipad and any

other presentation materials. At the same time it is not so small that

it would fit into a pocket but if it was that small it would lack the

power for a group of people to hear a presentation. The fact that it has

a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that can be charged easily by

USB is useful because in a presentation you would have your laptop so

you would have a appropriate way of charging it. Also with these it

means that I am able to charge it with my little solar panel charger

thats primarily for phones. Due to the available power banks such as

solar panel chargers (its just a pocket device that holds enough charge

that can recharge essential things like a mobile phone) it means that

small items such as this do not rely on plug sockets and batteries. Due

to this the product is more versatile and ethically just that bit nicer,

meaning that now if I go camping I can take this item without any

concern of needing to take a bag of batteries or finding a plug socket. 



addition when buying this it stated that it would just come in a

package specifically stating in large red letters NO RETAIL BOX however I

received it in a box and there are customer videos showing they

received theirs in boxes. This item did take from around the 10th of

november until the 13th of december to arrive and the alternate options

add at least $20 to the price of an individual item so this source of

the product does need a patient customer. With this in mind you do still

get a lot for your patience for around £5.80 you get a mobile speaker

and Mp3 player so its worth alot more than a £5 speaker or basic “mini”

speaker that you could get for £5. Personally I would be more than happy

to pay £12-£16 however this would be in a shop where I wouldn't have to

wait a month for the item.