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I think covering the web cam makes a lot of sense these days. I don't care what side of the political aisle you tilt toward or whatever your other proclivities may be. We see new hacks and weaknesses exposed everyday. Not being aware of points of observations is like not being aware of weaknesses to entry into your home or apartment.

Having a cover on your webcam is like having a throw bolt on your door. You don't have to use it, but you are safer when you do.

So all is going pretty well. I like the motherboard and processor. The RAM issue was me not understanding that I needed to enable DDR, which I did and that gave me close to the 3000 that they advertised.

My attempt to install the M2 drive and copy the operating system over worked but with a couple of hitches, so I'm dropping the system off at with a pro to make sure all is well, smooth the rough edges, and all will be hunky dory.

I sold one of my two GTX1070Ti cards so will run with only one for the time being. I may go for an RTX down the road. But no hurry on that at all.

Thank you all for your advice and patience with me. It truly makes a difference for this old dinosaur as I deal attempt things outside my comfort zone.

And I have started enjoying you folks over on YouTube. I did not realize that you had a YT presence for some time.

Curiously, BIOS reports the sticks as 2800MHZ and 2933MHz respectively. I need to see if the ram sticks were installed in the wrong slots perhaps? MSI has DIMMA2 and DIMMB2 specified for two sticks, so possibly a wrong slot causes the odd response on one?

I like Macrium Reflect bunches, but I, being a typical male, never slow down to actually read the instructions in detail, so I must repeat my clone procedure, but with a slight bit more attention to the order of things so that it does not clone an exact duplicate of my old drive and leave half the new drive unseen. Bleh!

MSI's Click 5 BIOS? Sounds so good when I watched the promo. But actually identify which drive will boot in which sequence? Not so much. I will haunt MSI's forum and sort that out. I'm sure there is some trick to it. The HDD does identify on their boot Priority list but neither of crucial SSD's do. Yes, the SSD's are listed in the Device List. Argh! Noobie Angst!

Update: Ram seems to be in proper slots! Dang it!

Hey there BlackHawk,

So, yes ... I did purchase the Ryzen 2600 as recommended. Very nice! It is my Christmas/Birthday presents combined. Along with the ram, though I'm have a question there, what I bought is the Patriot, but Speccy shows the second line, not 3000MHz, but rather 1066MHz. Why would that be? Any thoughts on what could be affecting the Ram being seen as 1066Mhz when it should be 3000MHz would be greatly appreciated! Or is it just Speccy not reporting correctly.

What I bought: Patriot Memory VIPER 4 Series 3000MHz (PC4 24000) 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 Kit PV416G300C6K

What Speccy reports: 16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1066MHz (15-15-15-36)

My next upgrade is the SSD memory. I have a Crucial SSD 250Gb SDD for my primary drive, but it's chuck full. So I picked up a bigger one, but in the M.2 format. I will try adding the new M.2 SSD to the motherboard. Then use Macrium Reflect to copy the old SSD contents to the M.2. MSI seems to have a handy bios for resetting the boot order, so that should be step 3.

Hopefully, doubling the operating drive will help give me more lifetime on the system.

Okay, pulled the trigger on some RAM. Found some 8gb that seems to match the QVL list you provided and since I update computers about once or may be twice a decade, I splurged for the 16 gig 2 x 8gb.

Eek! Whatever generation CPU I got? Ryzen 5 from your link. I looked at the page link you supplied so I am hoping that maybe I have now in my possession a Pinnacle Ridge Ryzen 2600 CPU with provided cooler? Puzzled look as I fumble with the box, no mention of ridges, valleys, lakes, or mountains on it.

What is this RX-2x00 vs RX-2x00G/GE? I found some explanations on the web, but still pretty uncertain of what they mean, which is preferable and where to go ... I am looking at DDR4-2666 and DDR4-3000 but in 4gb sticks.

Thank you very much for swatting the display questions so succinctly! Well done, Blackhawk! And the CPU and motherboard sound pretty zoomy! First new MoBo I've had in over a decade. Sweet! (Well, save the mining motherboard ... for sale cheap ... hah hah hah!)

Found this from Patriot: DDR4-3000 

Sorry, did not see your MoBo question before I posted my SLI/HDMI questions. I went with the MSI X370 Gaming Plus. I am hunting at least 8gb of ram for it to get me started. I have not ordered that yet.

And my other questions:

So, if you have the time, lets chat about SLI a bit. Not really worth it in terms of gaming is pretty much what I hear. So should I wait to install the 2nd GTX1070Ti until I need it for rendering? Or would installing it but disabling it on Windows Devices for the time being be okay? Or does it just not make much difference with SLI on or off and just turn on and use it for whatever I am doing?

I want to run multiple monitors, which before I ran from a single GPU. If I do install 2 GPU's and have them both running, do both the monitors still run off the primary GPU?

And lastly, I am tempted to run an HDMI cable to my TV, a Sony Bravia X700D for big screen gaming. (Note, I said gaming, not winning.) The TV is about 8 to 10 feet away from the mid-tower desktop. So that will end up being a 3rd monitor, I guess? So 3 monitors off the primary GPU?

I looked around their website and did not find anything for a guide of preferred manufacturer, but upon rereading the specs, I see them talk about supporting DDR4 1866/ 2133/ 2400/ 2667(OC)/ 2933(OC)/ 3200(OC)+ MHz but all I see sold at Crucial is:

Crucial 4GB DDR4-2400 UDIMM @ $35.99

Crucial 8GB DDR4-2666 UDIMM @ $70.99

So it looks like 2x of DDR4-2400 will be the end of this spending spree. I did find some DDR4-2666 2x 8gb for around $115 or so. Patriot was the maker, but I don't have any experience with them.

Uhmm, QVL? I tried searching for QVL on the MSI site but came up with nothing.
Okay, pulled the trigger on both the processor and the X370 motherboard. A bit more than I had originally budgeted, but I think it will all do what I want and leave room for upscaling if necessary down the road a bit. The X370 does SLI, and if the editing/rendering software needs that, I want to have it available. I know SLI is not part of the gaming scene much anymore.

So taking my old mining rig apart and preparing to move the PSU and two GTX 1070Ti (FE style) to the Cosair case will be coming soon. The new MoBo and processor should arrive in 2 to 3 days. So now I'm hunting ram. Probably only 8 gig (2x 4gb) because of my indulgence in the MoBo.