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Loyal fanbase over exclusivity bribes will win over every time. Good riddance.

Yeah, it's called Linux :P

I still feel like the 360 controller is best, but it's good this will be coming to PCs. Some emulator titles rely heavily on the D-pad and 360's D-pad really is pretty bad.

He decided whether or not he wanted to dual boot OSX on his existing PC.


Yes. Ouya is actually pretty cool. Not sure when the hate train started.

Mantle 1.0 vs. DirectX 11... not bad at all. Even in games not initially built for Mantle, they're yielding a good $20-$30 worth of performance for FREE. Even more if you count the smaller amount of money needed to spend on the CPU. NVidia, if you adopt this I will buy one of your cards for the first time since 2007 as a reward. Please don't let me down, NVidia.

I wonder how Mantle 11 will fare against DirectX 22!

Official PC Masterrace would love this.

"Oh no, he corrected my PC bashing! He must be a PC elitist! Dangit, when will they just let me think I won? OH, I know! How about I pretend to own a gaming PC to people will hold more weight to what I said! Hmm, 300 seems like a believable number."

-Game breaks on console-

"Oh well, better luck next generation. :("

-Game breaks on PC-

"Wow, all I had to do was change a setting!"

"Unfortunately, AMD's new CPU comes with a significant clock loss."

You have to remember that it's quite a different architecture (both CPU and GPU) than that of the A10-6800k. The A10-6800k was just an overclocked Trinity. Much like during the Trinity launch, clock speeds start low. As time goes on, yields get a bit better, and they can push out slightly higher clocked chips.