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Long live Windows XP.

I installed you as my first operating system in third grade...

TwoFaceTony is either an ignorant troll,

or simply the most retarded, stupid f*** human being that has ever lived.

"all of the pollution is from rocket ships gas and them breaking through the at-mos sphere"

How can you actually be this stupid?

The game has seen pretty seamless to me from what I've seen.

I still give rockstar a huge pat on the back this time around, and I'm sure that the overall awesomeness of the game will allow you to overlook this silly little bug

Well, the thing is, games get shipped early ALL the time! Rockstar needs to just calm down a little bit...

Although it is unfortunate there is videos of the game leaked alllll over the place, it was to be expected.

Amazon ships stuff early sometimes, it's a mistake.

Sometimes they ship it on time and it gets there a day late, then the pre-order guys just got cheated out of the point of having it early! Other times they ship it a day early and it gets there late still! I'm guessing some of them got shipped early in fear that they would get there late, and then have to face a bunch of hate from people who pre-ordered, but now they are going to have their toes burned from Rockstar from letting their masterpiece get peeked at before the hype peaked.

Well guys, it looks like we wont be seeing any large performance increases for awhile...

what do you need to do in order to get into the beta? Do you need to buy access? Or do they want people to find bugs for them by playing the beta for free,\, so that they can make patches for the game?

ughhh.... PC PLEASE!!!

Who else thought that the article headline meant Steam had their pockets lined to have their games better optimized for Nvidia and Intel somehow?

The drool... I am drowning in it! HELP!!

Exact same performance jump as last gen, and 'm not surprised. Maybe we will see a different story somewhere else along the product line.... Hopefully