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well china has always seemed a bit... extreme so this doesnt surprise. But honestly the only thing that is making this such a big deal is snowden. Plain and simple. There is nothing that makes what the iphone does and other phones like android that much different in regards to saving location info and stuff. Ultimately its all the press that snowden has gotten so when this person who has been such a big deal in the news says something it gets spread like wildfire. why specifically apple??? i dont know but again for what ever reason china has it out for the very products it makes

i know lol.. its like a baker who hates cake be keeps on baking

no... no it does not

great hot hardware will be stealing more of my life lol as i attempt to try to win this beauty. also howhave people been commenting on this page since june 24th when this seems to be the first time this article has been posted?

Well there is a lot rumors for the smart watch. Also whether you like them or not smart watches are becoming more and more popular. I doubt Google will ignore this market since Google glass isn't really a consumer product yet. I'm thinking this Googles way of prompting devs to develop for Smart wearables and getting this sdk out early it will make a potential Google smart watch ecosystem very strong out the gate.

you can buy the 1st gen nexus 7 32gb nowadays for just as cheap or even cheaper. Its not worth it. Theres nothing that would compel me to buy this. Also out of date software??? no thank you. I would just rather spend the extra 50-60 bucks and buy a 2nd gen nexus 7. Im sorry but ive never liked hp's android tablets

Soooo some of your points are valid and some not so much.Im not necessarily debating you but some of your over zealous points are wrong. I have problems with your first paragraph and part of your second. 1. you cannot, i repeat, you cannot watch dvd's on a notebook. you would have to buy an external dvd drive for that and netflix is a much better option than fooling around with dvds for most people. so thats the first issue. 2. Note books dont come with a mouse either. you have to buy that separately. 3. As far as money goes a 128gb sd card is way cheaper than a 128 SSD while granted a SSD is reliable my point is that if you were to try to upgrade to a higher storage capacity it would be more costly and this form of storage is interchangeable at least. My previous points make your 3 paragraph moot since there are a similar amount of extras that you would have to buy for a notebook. Most of the time you have to buy so called REAL office suite. so again more extras. Google docs is free. Finally your last paragraph is where you really lose me because it shows that you seem to be a zealous anti google individual for no real good reason. Also if you think google is the only doing this and every other company is innocent and sweet and not using your data then you are just plain ignorant.

I very much doubt that people are going to move to linux. People who dont upgrade are generally those that just cant afford a new pc/laptop and those that just dont care. Most of the people who dont care just want their computer work. Those are not people that are going to move to linux. Either way those that cant or dont care will probably stay on windows xp unless forced to or the opportunity presents its self for them to upgrade

which is exactly why pc gaming is awesome. now im not here to start a flame war. I like the consoles too but if you the best graphics you can get then pc all the way!!!

wow thats a decent price. in regards to the first comment i think older kids(to a certain degree) are trustworthy for working with ipads and such but having them in school is awesome. However this initiative from intel is a really nice deal.