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Well it is OK to buy a used/2nd hand device if it was refurbished by the manufacturer or an authorized distributor. Using teh macboom Pro in the original post as an example you can safely buy a used/refurbished one from Apple or from one of their authorized distributors like Otherworld Computing. The savings are not more than a few hundred though.
last I heard Intel and AMD aren't supporting it until at least late 2019.
I don't know how much traction you would get from that but, you could try creating a signature in your profile and try including a link to it there. I see you are pretty active on Twitter do you promote the Etsy store there?
I think there are maybe half a dozen people and a bunch of bots here. I check in here after reading the new articles on the main site.
I don't know how environmentally responsible I am, but I do generally dispose of old technology when the DEP has their bi-annual collections organized. Though I will get rid of large items (TVs/appliances) when something dies or is replaced by putting it in the trash. The building I live in does a good job of disposing its waste responsibly (after all their are fines for not doing so in NYC).
I've heard OK things about getting involved with a pool of miners and sharing rewards, most that get something out of that have dedicated ASIC hardware (like ANT miners) which eats a lot of electricity.
Microsoft is guaranteeing support through 2020 for Windows 7 so you can use it till then then reevaluate that decision come 2020.

NOTE: My wife insisted I order the card now. This is a 180 degree turn for expenditures on computers for her. Before it was, "Do you really need that? Our computer works fine!" but after watching some youtube videos on mining and looking at the payouts ... last payday she said, "Order something now!"

Kudos for having the wife onboard. But most peoples experiences with mining are that its hard to make any money on your own and you need to join a decent sized pool in order to have a constant stream of income in small amounts (a few $$ a day vs a few thousand once or twice in a lifetime) vs. you finding one coin yourself after 4-8 years of mining.

Some of us live in areas where the electrical cost of mining may not be worth it. Also the wear an tear on your system might make it not work it in the long run.

For those who are reviewers who receive items to review from various companies, what happens to the items you review? Do you get to keep them, send them back, give them away, destroy them? I was just curious about all the stuff people get sent to review. I know it probably depends on what the company sending you the products want you to do with them, but do a majority let you just keep them?

I believe when reviewers get to keep a product they need to disclose it in the review. You see that on a lot of sites.