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  Topic: ssd?

I have an SSd in my Lenovo laptop...not the fastest one, but it's still a ton faster than an hdd.  I aslo recently added a newer OCZ sata 3 90gb SSD to my gaming that is a HUGE difference.   

No way i'll ever go back to hdd least not for the OS and games.

That case is huge...but looks like a cable management dream!

2 year battery life...seriously?   is this confirmed by anyone in forums here?

Congratz...those are great looking tablets!

So I just finished my first computer build.  If I by some miracle win this, guess I'll just need to build another... Maybe offer at a great deal of the swap forum :)



Finished my ne gaming rig build..and everything worked!!



I just got a 7" Planar PX2710MW 2ms 1080p LCD Monitor  for a glad to hear it's being rated so highly!

All great choices.  But, I'm looking for a much lower priced laptop for my son for Xmas.  He does quite a bit of video and audio editing and, etc.  Budget around $400-$600.

1) do i need to look at a model with dscrete gpu, or will the built in visuals and turboboost of an i5+ cpu be OK?

2) if need discrete gpu, thoughts on this...seems like a great deal...


Probably...won't use the SRT or inteGrated graphics, but they do have a few more bells and whistles than the p67 boards.

Appropriate thread.  My wife and I are trying to decide now if we get our 10 year old son a computer for his room for Xmas.   He's into video editing (chk him out on youtube...Supermarmarman1), and while I don't think he'd abuse it at 10, I'm worried about what he'll be watching in a few years.  Can't block everything.

Internet is a scary thing (for parents)...:P