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The thing with editing videos is no matter what CPU you get, there will always be room for improvement. The question to ask is how much you are willing to spend on the new setup. If you want to bump it up from your old (and slow) laptop setup, then a 1600 will be great. But even after your new rig, you'll think in the back of your mind, what if I went with a ... (next step up).

Also keep in mind the 2x00 are about to drop on the 19th (?) so a 2600 or 2700 might be worth waiting for.

Usually, I'll keep one cell phone relatively new, while the other will be a gen or two back (I have 1 personal and 1 work: Samsung S7 and Samsung S6 Edge Plus).

My main computer is usually updated every 2/3 years (running a 5930k +64gb 3200 DDR4 right now), but the graphics and storage will at most be a gen back (currently running one EVGA 1080, up from a last gen Titan 😵 on a Crossover 404K 4K monitor. My fastest storage is a 500gb Samsung 950 NVME on top of a RAID0 with 4x 1tb Micron 600 SSDs and 2x 3tb Seagates in RAID1 (cold storage).

I think for me my money pit would be laptops ... I get hypnotized when I hear new laptops come out / specs. I just upgraded from my boat anchor Alienware 18 (4940mx 2x980m SLI, 500gb msata + 2x 1tb Samsung 840EVO RAID0) to a much more portable Asus GL502VS ... which I then promptly upgraded the 250gb PCIE m2 to a 500gb PCIE M2 and the 1tb spinner HD to a 1tb M600 SSD. The new 1070 gpu in the laptop is amazing, even compared to the 980 SLIs in the Alienware and the thin size / weight is crazy for just a 1 gen jump.

The only time I would consider this is if I had to drive multiple high rez displays - as of this moment, my 590 is more than enough for my 1x Dell 3011 @2560x1600, even in Crysis 3.  I figure I can pick up another 590 or 690 for less once the 700 series and maybe Titan variants take the top crown.

Good read! I have a Corsair H50 on my i7 920 and a Antec Kuhler on my 2600k. Both work great, low temps and volumes, but my Antec has developed a dripping sound since I have my Lanboy Air standing up "tower" style (no leaks just the sound).

SSD reliability I don't think is even an issue anymore - outside of firmware bugs by the manufacturer. Once you get passed initial setup - have everything up and running - it should be all good.

I've run Samsung PM800s (3 x256gb of them) in both single and raid configurations as boot drive. Never a problem. While they weren't the fastest of their generation, they were the best bang for the buck. Now I'm testing out a latest generation Crucial M4 and it is amazingly fast. Faster than two of my 1st Gen Samsungs in RAID 0 and for less money. If you are worried about long term reliability - do like I have done - run a standard SATA HD in parallel and keep all your important data on that (or offload it to a NAS).

It only takes a couple of minutes to reinstall windows on an SSD so I don't even mind having to blank and reinstall the OS anymore - since I normally do it so many times anyway (such as when changing mobos or other major bits of hardware).