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HI all, Sorry I haven't been around lately, I have a lot of certs to study for. I'll be finishing up the Microsoft stuff by June so I''l pick up an MCSE by then. THEN, It's up the Cisco latter as I want to get a CCIE.

Anyways, heres a joke to make up for lost time:

What does pantyhose and Bin Laden have in common?

They both irritate Bush!!

NeBz out!
Troubleshooting quote of the day.

"Keyboard not detected, please press F1 to continue!"
That's cool Venom, I am having fun, I did take offence but I take offence every time my wife farts so I'm not one to

I will tone down

live and let live LOL

NP Venom, I thought it being a "general discussion" that the topic of conversation had no specification. If I in fact have offended anybody, my apologies. I don't joke about drugs lightly btw, my younger brother died of a heroin overdose a few years ago. By mentioning that have I stepped out of line? I did mention drugs in a general discussion forum but I think it was the context you were relating too, right Venom?

My point is, I hope that you are not trying to limit or deny freedom of speech?

Maybe I am getting to old.

and I didnt talk about porn, warez or anything else, did I?
no, no, I didn't mean that this post was the longest now, but I thought this was the intent, to be the longest. If so, we must do stimulants. I am not going to get through the night posting smiley faces on heroin and no sleep, MUST be caffiene, cocaine and crystal.

Smiley faces are nice, but to obtain true posting bliss and be free of the spamming tag, one must use tact in the usage of posting origanality!

o ya, here's your smiley face

Dam, no wonder some of us have som many posts, there are so many renditions of the smiley face in the forum, it's not hard to retain high postage.

[SIZE=3][SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic]
In order to endure the longest thread in hothardware history, one must obtain and consume stimulants of all kinds.....

My stimulant of choice would be Caffiene. Meth-Amphetamine and Cocaine can do wonders for any late-night posting marathon as well though!!.
coke 4
pepsi 0
heroin 7
OPPS, should have scrolled own. O well, I'm going to have to sell another computer or two...(Maybe 6!!!)
The resounding gong was felt all through the chapel as