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Hi, I've posted on a few forums over the past 2-3 weeks, and havn't really been able to get a straight answer out of anyone. So I was hoping I'd hit home here >.<

Also, Before you read below, here's a rundown of information you might want to know and could possibly help you answer my question:

- I have about 6 years of experience with Computer Hardware, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, ETC.

- I'm REALLY passionate about electrical engineering/Computer hardware & Embedded Systems, anything and everything about it. I'd force myself to read TONS of information and related, to learn how to do something.

- I have ALOT of time on my hands, so The "It would take ages" or "That would be self-defeating because it'd take so long" response wont really cut it, it actually pisses me off when people say that ^-^

- I know a little bit of everything (In the listed areas, not actually EVERYTHING, that would be a boastful assumption) so don't worry to much about whether or not something will confuse me, Cause my mind WILL LEARN IT :o


So my question is *BIG GULPS OF AIR*: How would I go about learning the design and manufacturing process of creating a fully functional Motherboard (It doesn't necessarily have to be a full-fledged manufacturer MB, It could be something relatively simple at first, like an embedded system MB, Serving a more Specific purpose).

I have done ALOT of research on this, and have been teaching myself a few things here and there. So Again, Dont be afraid to list ALL the nerdy-geeky terms and requirements, specifications, how-to's, ETC. I can handle it :)

So yea, If anyone could help me with that, I would probably give you a cookie 🙂 Like for realz ^_^


- Grady


I finally have the money to pay for my First build, And I was just wondering: Is this Mobo's Integrated Processor/Graphics/Heatsink + 4 Gig's of G. Skill DDR3 RAM sufficient enough for light-gaming?

NOTE: I'm not planning on playing ANY Graphics-Intensive games ( Like BF2, MW2, Crysis 2, ETC. )


Another Question: Do the new AMD APU's have ATI Radeon Graphics Integrated? Or do they just have a Graphics Controller for Onboard/Dedicated Graphics?

If someone could give me some advice on this I'd GREATLY appreciate it!

- Grady :)



In-case you all were wondering were is was: I've had Exam's at my school for a couple days and I got my laptop taken away for a while ( That's the bad part about being get stuff taken away..ALOT ). Just felt like letting my People know I havn't forgotten HH! 😃

Holy cow!...I bet gaming on that thing is like being in an IMAX theater 😃. I Didn't even know if that was possible to fit 6 cards in a PC! I've heard of Quad-SLI and stuff like that....but never this.

Thanks Drake for that link, It was VERY helpful! Mine calculated to be about 400W, Altough I've thought about what  rrplay said, And i think ill just invest in a 600-750W Modular PSU.

Thanks guys, Grady :)

Hey guys, I was thinking about getting yet another case: the "Antec LanBoy Air" . But first I wanted some thoughts 🙂 Personally I like their "fully modular , high air-flow" concept they incorporated with this case, BUT i do not like how "toyish" or "kiddish" it looks. I just wanted some feedback to decide if its a good buy ^.^

Also, I keep hearing that you almost have to have a modular PSU in order to keep the case looking "neat" because its all mesh? Is this true or can i just stick with my non-modular 650W Coolermaster PSU?

- Grady

Thanks for the link :O

LOL , My parent's would NEVER pay for a PC like that, I mean if I were to win this I would have a heart attack and probably need  to be transported to the nearest hospital  XD . Instead I have to live with a really really slow Dell laptop ( Ya, I know, Its dell 😛 ).

Jeez! 10 Cores? That's a little over-the-top if you ask me. But I guess if its a business server or something like that that needs that kind of performance I can see why It'd be OK

I just read the title and some of the posts ( had to leave  😛 ) so please don't hate XD

Hi, I was just looking around at Corsair's website and I found the most awesome looking case I have EVER seen! Its a white version of the Corsair Graphite Series case w/ Transparent side panel window :) 

That's the link to the case, if you decide to make a review I wanted someone to be able to find it! ^.^

Thanks, Grady