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Still playing WoW. Seems to be the only thing I really play even with a massive backlog of Steam games.
Consolidating doesn't necessarily mean having to remove old posts but those could be purged as well after a few years. A lot of information will have changed a lot in 5 years so it may not be all the relevant. I just think fewer forum areas makes a lot more sense and would make it easier to find things.
I'm still rocking Windows 7 on all my systems. I'll switch when they finally end of life it. Until then I'm very happy with it. 

Really just suggested apps and it can be turned off but I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

Without traffic to the site there's no point in having the site. Contests like this bring awareness to the site but also drives active discussions on news topics and forum posts. The regular contests where you fill in an email address and that's it are usually filled with people with multiple entries and very often those people never even respond when they win. I see it happen a good amount with contests like that.
Originally Posted by: JJr 

not to mention the privacy concerns with this new OS.

I assume everything I do online is somehow being collected and sold so I'm not that concerned with the privacy issues but I do hate how they've turned what used to be a simple operating system into a bloated mess of features I would never use.

  Topic: Routers
ASUS makes nice routers but unless you're having issues with your current router there may not be a reason to upgrade.

First you need to determine if Verizon can just give you the modem without the router, then figure the cost of the modem rental. Another option would be to use your own modem and router. Comcast offers that option, not sure if Verizon does.

I'm in no hurry, maybe in a year they'll have the bugs worked out. I've fixed enough Win10 systems to know I don't want it for my primary PC.
I've seen this quite a bit on all manufacturers. I've also seen it with other hardware devices. Seems not everyone was ready with compatible drivers and maybe Win 10 just wasn't quite ready to begin with. I had a HP recently that was a pain to get the wifi working. The latest drivers from Intel and HP broke the adapter so it couldn't even be enabled. Had to roll the system back a month and try 2 - 3 different drivers until I found one that worked.
Seems like it would make sense to consolidate the forums. IMO there are far too many subforums given the size of the size. There's plenty of forums topics that could be collapsed to try and consolidate things.