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"we" as in USA vs rest of the world? Most places with higher speeds have a much much higher population density or are a much smaller country, making it much easier and justified to run the extra infrastructure to support that speed difference.

Lack of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction scares me.

skills > sexual orientation/gender/race

is anything really "secure"?

Don't understand the hate. Technically, it would help 'fix' some of the unemployment. People who can't get a job at all, who are homeless, or are depending on others (family/government) would have a better chance at a job. Employers would have lower risk hiring someone.

Another method would be to lower the minimum wage so these same people could get full time jobs.

People hate to hear it, but not everyone is equal, not everyone is worth employing for the minimum wage.

FCC, something I have no control over scares me more then a company I can sign up/leave at any time.

if real, could be pretty nice for people who like handheld gaming

Guessing it's going to be exclusive like thadeus mentioned. Oh well, we all know they have a lot of room for improvement and could fix a lot of problems.


gag order.