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OH man, this might be one of the best giveaways yet, that is one heck of a giveaway.

Good luck to all and thanks again HotHardware!

That demo looked absolutely insane, some big steps in gaming and their engines are being made, and hopefully everyone else is just as excited about this as I am

Oh man this is sweet, the Oculus Rift picking up major titles is going to incentivize other companies to start supporting it as well.

I can't wait till this catches on mainstream.

I saw this online the other day and thought it had to be fake or a scam because the price was too good to be true considering what I'd seen for price tags with other TV's but it turned out to be legit.

I can't wait to see the reviews on this, but HotHardware should definitely try and get their hands on one to review themselves!

Hello serious competition to Pandora!

I'm not a fan of the Dark Soul series even if my opinion could use a little more backing since I haven't played the game. It's just because , I see video games as another medium for story telling and art and that that's where its real contributory value is and focusing to much on the interaction and difficulty challenge sort of takes away from that.

This actually looks pretty dang sweet... I remember playing Road Rash when I was like 7 or 8, I didn't even know that was the name until I looked it up now. I just had this nostalgic memory of a motorcycle game with weapons that was one of the funnest and coolest things I'd ever played before haha

And here I was considering different venues to start a little website for myself with WordPress among them

I might have bashed the "computers becoming obsolete" article earlier, and I still support my stance, but with hardware with specs like this coming out, mobile computing devices are going to start giving things a decent run for their money soon.

Oh gosh, this is almost as good as Google Nose!

But seriously this does look pretty awesome, as does almost anything inspired by Star Trek.